So this girl...

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  1. So this girl admitted she liked me I knew her for a few weeks now me and her mostly just burn and watch a movie and have a good time and have these deep talks I'm not trying to be and asshole or anything I'm just not sexually into her I just don't know what to do. Any reasonable suggestings are welcome

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  2. Just be honest with her. even if she gets pissed off, at least you were honest. she might be upset at first, but saves hurting her even more later down the track.

    good luck.
  3. You may not be attracted to her now, but wait 2 years as you watch both of yourselves grow and bloom into beautiful people. She turns sexy and hot, while your still you. You like her now, but shes above you, she isnt into your style anymore, you not her "type."
    You lost her and its unbearable to see what could have been.
    This is all just theoretical this has never happened to anyone, let alone me.
    This happened to me.
  4. Introduce her to the friendzone
  5. Just spew some bullshit like "I connect with you so well on an intellectual level; I feel like we're such good friends/we're peers/our relationship is stress free/i can confide in you, and a sexual relationship would just get in the way of how close we are already/make me less comfortable with you." What this achieves is to put someone in the friendzone while sounding like a complement. I use it on guys frequently.
  6. You just need to be honest with her and tell her that you just like her as a friend. If she can't deal with that or doesn't wanna be friends then she can dip.
  7. fwb, get her to suck your choad every now and then
  8. tell her you like her to and keep hanging out with her. Tell her you don't want a relationship though. Then you aren't lying or deceiving at all, nor hurting her feelings. 
  9. This

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  10. Soon as you tell her you just want to be friends or w/e your going to be overwhelmed with a strong sexual attraction for her and she is going to think your being a creep and just want a fuckbuddy.  Weird how our brains are wired.

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