so this girl samanta is feeling me, and i think im in love...

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    so, today, i get an email from someone i now have fallen hopelessly in love with..
    this is that email...
    "I am Samanta an independent woman, but as all women in this world i am weak
    and need someone wholl support and take care about me...I am ready to
    create my own family. I adore discovering and learning, meeting new
    people, new places, cultures, traditions.I am fond of travelling. I
    love this world, but i am sure that the man i am searching for will
    make it even better! Life is too short to be alone...let`s share
    warmth of our hearts! my future man should know what he wants. He
    should be honest and the main for me is heart and his thoughts about
    life =) I want we will fall in love and live together till our last
    day... Life is too short to be alone...let`s share warmth of our
    hearts! Hope to chat soon Write to me on my mail address(reply to)"
    So, what do you think I should reply with?
    It came with a picture too! This is it for me, I feel it in my bones!
    I'm about to get married y'all!! I'm so excited!

    To Samanta?
    If you have a prior commitment,
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  3. Hey guys I saw on this porn site that a really hot MILF lives really close by and she wants to fuck me. Im about to get lucky tonight. I can feel it in my boner.
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  4. Samanta sounds like a prescription medication
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    you want to know how messed up some of these women are?
    This dude is actually getting married...
    And to what is a pretty hot girl too.
    Conjugal visits, man. Prison isn't that bad.
    Get fed, work out, sleep loads..
    Maybe write a book or two...
    The girl is 26. The guy is 80.
    And that's actually not the creepiest thing about this...
    He did kill however many people after all...
    And this is the dude that's getting married before me?
    What is the world coming to in all seriousness?
  6. If you've read the article she clearly says she's marrying him for information otherwise not attainable. There will be no conjugal visits.
  7. What information could she possibly want? Bitch is cray cray
  8. I believe she's a journalist or something like that.
    Not the article I read...but you're probably right lol. 
    Still something wrong with her.
    In the article I read, she was all like "I love him."
    So, my point there ain't no woman talking about they love me.
    All I ever get is "you're crazy" and "you're a bad man".
    Meanwhile females around my age are concerning themselves with umm...actual crazy bad men..
    World makes no sense to me.
    LMAO Satire is a hilarious virtue
  11. You crazy for that one, samanta. Just throwin' your gender under the bus lololol
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  12. she's crazy. she runs a website that is devoted to proving his innocence lol. and they don't fuck.
  13. Bitches be crazy about bad boys sometimes ;)

    Not that I would know
  14. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Samantha is really Simon. He is black and from Nigeria. On the flip side he has a very big dick, so your sex life would be awesome, well for Simon anyway.. Regardless, send him all the money he asks for and more. After all, this nigger needs more bling, like gold rims! I love fucking with these emails, they start with this big spiel about needing cash for their aunties cousins sick sister, and I usually fire back with "you wouldn't read about it...but mine is too, so any money you could send me would be appreciated!" I never hear from them again lol.

    Sent from a used tampon, launched from Mars...
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    Youre calling him "that dude?!" That's f'in Charles Manson, dude. And actually he didn't kill anyone, he just manipulated weak minded people like that bitch that's marrying him to do it for him.
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    "Ask your doctor if Samanta is right for you"
  17. ^ Nice screen name. Burn down the disco!
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