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  1. Question. Do whites see minorities as more combat adept? Every time I hear a fight story from a white person, if their opponent was of a different race, they always make a point to say it. "I got into it with a black kid." or "I fought this Mexican." and so on. If you fought a white guy, would you say he was white or would that detail be omitted because you're the same? I've always been baffled by this. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen the other way around because I'm sure it does, I just hear it most from whites.

    Let us discuss, friends. :)
  2. People say it because black people or mexican grow up in rough neighborhoods where its nearly impossible not to fight. Therefor making them tougher.

    Ya dig?
  3. well if you don't say otherwise i assume they're the same color as me and you talking about whatever it is, white.

  4. That's a bit general don't you think? Plenty of blacks and Mexicans lead opulent lifestyles and live in nice neighborhoods. I wouldn't say my family is rich, but the neighborhood my parents live in is nice, and they make an above average living. Right now I live downtown in the most ghetto area on the planet, but that's only because I personally can't afford better lol.
  5. what he said ^^^^^^^
  6. I think the reason they say, " I fought this black guy " ; " I fought this mexican " is because they probably just got done fighting a black guy or a mexican. I dont understand what your saying. If I fought a random white guy, i'd tell my friends " I fought this white guy ". Do I see minorities as more combat adept? No

  7. But what makes that key information? That's about as vital to the story as the color of the person's pants.

  8. So it really doesn't matter then, does it?
  9. Well it kind of does. If someone was telling you a story and it went "I was hanging out with Jimmy, he had on blue pants, we got stoned and went to mcdonalds it was awesome." You'd be like why the hell did you feel the need to tell me he had blue pants? lol.
  10. Im hispanic and grew up in a nice Neighborhood. Not all minorities live a hard life dude...
  11. Its just the generalisation that people give to minorities but in the near future I believe white people are going to be the major minority in every case. And as far as the growing up in bad neighborhood thing Im white and was raised in a bad city in general so doesnt matter what race you are or anything.
  12. I don't have anything to contribute, but that made my laugh my ass off.
  13. Some people do yeah... I mean (not trying to be racist, although I know I'm going to be called one) but most black people are brought up on the streets, where violence is pretty common. I recently read a book called "The Pact", pretty interesting shit. It's about these 3 black kids growing up in the hood, and how despite all the negativity they were faced with everyday (drugs and violence) they made a Pact to help eachother out and went on to become doctors. Practically unheard of in the projects.

    I'll quote something Dr. Rameck said in the book;

    "In my friends, I saw myself: boys trying to become men with few good examples to follow..."

    My point is, people who grew up in the hood are accustomed to fighting. If you grow up around gangs, violence, and fighting, naturally thats what you are going to be accustomed too.

    The only other thing I could think of, goes all the way back to the slave days. The bigger slaves were kept and "breeded", while the weaker slaves, plantation owners had no use for. It's all genetics, and fact is, most black people are generally bigger than people of other races. I think a famous ESPN announcer once pointed this out, and there was a huge dispute over him being allegedly "racist" because of the comment...

    ^^ copied and pasted from the other thread..
  14. It's called a Freudian slip.
  15. You obviously know shit about us. That is an extremely general statement.
  16. No you're not a racist in my book bro, and that seems like a must-read, I'm gonna get it!
  17. Yeah I'll be ordering that. I need to catch up on my reading, seriously.
  18. i just want to know for the hell of it. everytime i get into a fight with another asian person, i'll still say they're race. it's just nice to know. no other reason for me.
  19. Yeah its definetely a pretty sick book. Very enlightening.
  20. if someone says "i fought this kid today", 9 times out of 10 the listener will assume the other person is the same race as the story-teller. if this is not the case, most people will subconsciously mention the other persons race so the listener can visualize the fight better. thats what i believe:wave:

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