So they searched my car

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  1. Well the other night I got pulled over on the highway. Friday night at around 11:30PM. They pull me over cause my tag lights were out. OK no problem with that I understand. Ask to see my license and I showed it to him. Ask me where I am going and this and that. Told him I was going to my friends house. He was like OK.

    So I am acting real nervous ESPECIALLY when I saw the cop behind me before he hit the blue lights. The thing is I HAD SOME BUD ON ME. Only a bowls worth. So I had some water and I DOWNED that shit soooo quick. It was gone.

    Sooo he ask "Your acting nervous do you mind if I search your car" Well since I ate the weed and there was NOTHING left I had no problem letting him search. I was a little worried incase some had gotten away but I was pretty sure nothing fell.

    Well in the end found nothing and let me go. I am sure he felt like an ass cause he apologized and said "Sorry for wasting your time we just have a bad drug problem up and down these highways"

    Well my question being "nervous" good enough probably cause to search my car? My car is VERY clean so there was nothing visible. No visine, no lighters, no empty plastic bags NOTHIN. I know it didnt smell either.


    Cop pulls me over
    I eat weed
    he ask to search my car cause "im acting nervous"
    he finds nothing cause I ate it (bowls worth)
    I leave and proceed to go to my friends to smoke weed
  2. They don't need probable cause to ask your permission to search. They only need probable cause to search your car without your consent.
  3. Never consent to a cop searching your car, you could've forgot something that you had and if they found it you'd be fucked.

    Just say: "You got a warrant?"
  4. I was about 99% sure there was nothing in there. Only thing could have been very small amounts that could have fell when i was downing that shiz!
  5. I don't know if the above is true, my friend is pretty well educated and has a book with all the national rules the cops go by, hes going to college to be ATF security or something, pretty high up there, but he say they don't need a warrant to search, its a moveable object therefore it can be searched, and that driving is a privelage not a right, they can revoke your license, is happening to me ATM! =/
  6. haha u got lucky man, props on eatin that shit b4 u got checked.
  7. no its not a good enough reason thats why he asked you
    if he had a good reason he would of asked you to step out the car then told u he was going to search it and stated the reason why

    but u gave up ur right when u let him u could of said no and he cant do nothing until a K9 unit comes in and it would of been a big hassle
  8. thats quick thinking to eat it before they catch u. props:smoking::smoking:
  9. Did you leave the baggie, or eat that, too?
  10. You shouldn't be complaining because you could have just said, "No you cannot search my car", but its fine nothing bad happened to either way seems like you're fine.
  11. Nope, everyone in the US is protected against unreasonable search and seizure under the Bill of Rights. They can only search without your consent if there is reasonable cause, like if your car smelt like weed.

    Always refuse a search because truth is, you have the right to. You could even be silent when you get pulled over because you have the right to do so. Everyone learn your rights!

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