So they found my cousins boyfriend dead this morning..

Discussion in 'General' started by Kingof781, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. In a quincy ma t station. OD'd on heronnnn. This blunt goes out to you TJ. R.I.P. brotha.

    Shits weird he was a quizznos driver I just saw him like 2 days ago when this chick stopped there to get some broc and cheese soup. Mad young like 19. Not even a regular user. Maybe his 3rd time trying it. Fucked up world we live in...
  2. Fuck.. That's way too young to die man... Nobody deserves to die like that....

    This is why you should stay off the heroin kids. Take it as a lesson.

  3. speaking of herion, what ever happened to negligent
  4. I agree no one should die that way and im sorry to hear that, but the other side of me says, play with fire, and dont surprise when you get burnt.
  5. How many times will you -rep me and send me harassing pm's before you quit? suburbantoker
    Dont get mad cause I called you out and you knew I was right.
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    Is that why I was a mod? Did you seriously just post the rules in this persons rememberence thread? Instead of talking shit in someonelse's thread, send me more harassing pm's.

    Anyway, sorry for the subject change OP (suburban doesnt have manners), RIP for the headstone.
  7. so sorry man
    was it the center t stop? There's shady shit always happening there at like midnight
  8. Nah he was curled up in a corner at wally station.
  9. Way to ruin this persons thread so you can repeat to me what youve already sent, how creative.
    And quote "was" as if you know what happened.
  10. rip man... all overdoses can be directly blamed on prohibition of drugs. talk to friends and family about writing letters to your senators and congressmen about the story of how drug prohibition killed your cousins bf.

  11. It sucks that a 19 year old kid is dead, but I agree with Anony 100% here.
  12. You're being rude and disrespectful Suburban... You keep posting and I'll keep reporting.

    As to King, I'm sorry to hear about the loss man, it's a shame when they go that young, regardless of circumstance.
  13. Thanks for the hi-jack take teh bullshit elsewhere.
  14. Grr that sucks man.

    I'm from quincy. I didn't hear anything about it yett but I'm sure I would have if I went to classes today...

    Damn..a year older then me, did he go to qhs or nqhs?

    I'm sure ill hear more tmrw.
  15. What a dick.

    R.I.P TJ.
  16. Suburban, congratulations at excelling at being a total knob over the internet. Are you happy now that you've come into this thread and filled it with your useless drivel? A blade posted this to honor a dead friend and you can do nothing but type out useless post after useless post. You are all that is wrong with this City personified. I hope you're at least content in the knowledge that everyone who is reading this thread right now views you as a complete ass hat.. Mission accomplished?

    I'm sure you'll dream up another smart ass (or at least what you consider to be) response to this post and every other one, so I guess I should ask myself, what's the point?

    We all know what you think on the matter and I think I speak for everyone when I say that we just plain don't give a fuck what you have to say anymore. So how about you take your bile and your vitriol elsewhere instead of embarrassing yourself further.
  17. stay outta here dude no one wants to hear you shit
    where you at in quincy? shoot me a pm or somehting im not sure which hs he went to tho
    Stfu already this thread isnt about anony or you for that matter, once again take your bullshit elsewhere you've now been reported.
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    Your lack of respect disgusts me.
    Go back to doing your thizz
  19. im sorry to hear about this man. My next bowl will be for him. And im sorry this thread was hijacked and turned into a bitch fest. Its not rite.

    I feel for yah man. sorry.
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    why was this turned into a boxing match

    yo OP i feel for you man and im sorry to hear about it.

    the amount of shit thats pushed towards teens these days is fucked


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