so there's weed growing where i work...

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  1. So i work for this guy who's shop is located on his farm and he has all these crazy animals runnin around and shit. So a few weeks ago i was driving in and look towards the fence next to the driveway and i'm like is that a fuckin pot plant!? so the next few times i drove by i took a closer look and i'm yup, yup definately weed, sweet. So later that week he has me go through some hay bails over the fence for the horses and they're stacked up right next to the plant so i go check it out close up and snag some leaves for some artwork or something, i dunno they're pressed in a book right now. anyway i check out this plant and it's all seeds so i was like damn shitty male ditch weed. So then 2 days ago we do and unload some shit onto this big burn pile in one of the pastures and i notice two more males growing next to the pile. So i ask him, what's with all the ditch weed? He's like oh i dunno i think it's got something to do with this hay, theres a bunch more up by the bails on the other end. So we talked about it a bit and he really doesn't care what happens to them so i just keep taking these beautiful leaves. So i go check out these one's on the other end and there's probably 6 more plants up there and 3 of them are females! I was so excited to see some buds! So I'm thinking I'll harvest them when they're ready. I mean free weed is free weed, even if it's ditch weed, but fuck it free weed is my favorite kind. So yeah, that's my excitment for the week... I know you're all high so sorry it's so long... :smoke:
  2. take all the buds from the plants and dry them and shit then sell them to high school kids for like 10 a g then use all the money u get from that and buy some dank.... thats what i would do :rolleyes:
  3. you took the time to write it bro, i'll take the time too read it:)
    & damn good read,lol.

    now thats what you call a bonus at work, free weed, nice1.

    might stumble across a mighty crop:eek:, heres hoping,lol.
  4. That's the best story I've heard in a while,

    free weed is the best kind of weed. :cool:
    right next to free dank:smoke:
  5. You know, those weeds used to grow all over. . . like . . weeds. LOL
    When I was on a train through Iowa, there was hemp/cannabis growing along the train tracks over the entire state. I did see females in there, too.
    Remember "Hemp for Victory"?
  6. Yeah, i know they used to but i didn't realize that it still happened much. I smoked some ditch weed my friend had growin at his house last year and it was like mids, not bad so i'm really hoping this shit turns out decent and if it's not i might take weedisgood420's avice and just sell it cheap to some high school punks and buy some real dankity danks
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    nvm thats good
  8. he knows it's there, he didn't put it there it just started growing. he told me he doesn't care what i do with it
  9. You are one lucky man :hello: Hope the buds turn out nicely!
  10. take some pics
  11. ask him if he has gotten hay that has been imported from like canada cause they hide bricks in hay sometimes and a seed may have gotten out and into his hay those plants could be from years ago and the seeds keep making more plants the next year haha
  12. not bad, he seems like a cool dude. maybe you can grow on his land?? grown some ill chronic

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