So theres this room mate of mine

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  1. That I absolutely hate- I mean this is the kind of kid that sends up red flags everywhere, never cleans up his messes, doesn't bathe(and not in a fashionable Punk sort of way), and steals my bicycle on regular occasions. Long story short- hes the guy that motivates me to be on top of everything.

    An hour ago he knocks on my door and hands me at least a dime bag of some of the best weed Ive smoked in a while! Needless to say Im gonna stop raggin on him for a while :smoke:
  2. you dont know shit about having a bad roomate..... ur roomate is lazy thats it atleast he recognizes it enough to give you free weed..... im not even going to get into what kind of slllllliiiiiiiiiimmmmmmeeeee I once found myself living with.
  3. my sister once got put in a roomate situation with 2 people who terrorized her and her other roomate into not even wanting to come home because they were being threatened for some dumb shit she spent 3 months in that situation until we finally went over there and kicked out the source of the problem by force since he wanted to be the big gangster tough guy...lmao

  4. hahha if your not to lazy give details kinda vague.
  5. No, I know what you mean. Hes like Kramer from Seinfeld, but not in a funny way. He'll walk in late hours in the night regardless if Im still up or not, poke me just to annoy me, steals shit, nearly broke my bicycle and I had to spend three hours fixing it, man. I could go on for days haha.
  6. sounds kinda annoying but least hes bro enough to hook u up, what are mates for?:smoke:
  7. Giving someone $10 of weed hardly makes up for being a lazy disgusting piece of shit. House cleaners cost like $500 a month. He should be handing him a free ounce.
  8. First off, I had NO IDEA that not bathing was FASHIONABLE .

    Second ....hose him down like circus elephants , When he comes near you spray a circle around you with air freshener, he'll get the picture, and when hes not home spray all his shit with the same

  9. Your sister got held hostage?
  10. Except for the weed, sounds like my first college roommate...who only "bathed" when rubber-glove-wearing neighbors of mine threw him in the shower & scrubbed him down with strong soap and a wire brush.

    I always made sure that I kept any open flames away from him, lest they set him on fire & there was nothing that would have extinguished it!
  11. just spent a year in residence living with a fresh off the boat paki. he called himself that on the first day. lol. The amount of hair on the floor of the apartment just ONE day into the year, was more hair then I have on my body. he'd walk around with wet muddy shoes on, including into the bathrooms, trailing mud and dirt everywhere, then kick his shoes off right outside his door and go into his cave. so disgusting in there. I was always left with fucking cleaning up after this 21 year old child.
  12. No need to call him a child, thats just how they live in pakistan. Dont be soo ignorant to cultural differences. Did you at least try to show him the american way?
  13. Id hardly call myself ignorant to cultural differences, seeing as I've grown up in one of the worlds most culturally diverse cities, and countries. His parents are multi-millionaires, and how he described his house and money as well as how he spent money, i highly doubt his family lived like that. He was spoiled, had people cleaning up after him, is what i meant. I didnt mean to contrast that he was pakistani with that he's dirty. Although, the hair... that has to be genetics, i've never seen SO much loose hair in my life.
  14. I know exactly the type of person you're talking about Beats. Luckily I had my own room at University residence and the room mates I have now are the bomb.
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    word...wdf is 0.4 of dank gonna do

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