So there's this girl that I think likes me. She gives me signs.I invited her to my house for dinner.

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  1. Man, I don't get it. How could you not get to know each other over dinner?? How is going for coffee or drinks any different over dinner? Especially cooking at home like OP was planning?

    IMO you guys are WAY overthinking this. I don't think it even matters what it is you're doing providing you can talk to each other.

    Again, I'd like to hear the ladies point of view on this.
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  2. Fuck yes, you can feed me!

    Back on the "dating" scene myself after 20 years. It's basically bullshit anyway, the amount of men online that actually want to meet is practically nil.

    So to be asked to dinner would actually be a refreshing change. Just my two cents.

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  3. Dinner is not the best choice for a first date. Eating a meal with someone you don't know that well is weird.

    Grabbing a coffee and chatting a bit with music in the background or something simple like walking your dogs together would be a better first date. You're talking or moving in some kind of rhythm together. This allows conversation and disallows ppl from staring at their phone. Stuff like this is better for breaking the ice..

    Dinner dates are better once things get established :smoking:
  4. Really depends on the demographic. Younger chicks like clown game and therefore dinner is boring.

    Older (late 20s and beyond) are more inclined to dinner and drinks, or drinks and appetizers.

    Pretty much why I don't date the youngins
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  5. You take a girl to a theme park and 5 minutes in you decide you hate her. What then?
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    Inviting a girl over for dinner right out of the gates is a date that was in style 50 years ago :p

    Look at how much human interaction has changed in the last 10 years with the why would anyone think dating wouldn't change as well? Things just don't work the way it did in the past because we're living in a revolutionary time period in terms of communication.

    I have far more success with women at spontaneous social going to the beach or catching a local concert or a random night out with friends for drinks than I ever have asking girls 'out for dinner' lmao :D
  7. I would suck it up for the sake of rocking out on Superman and Goliath at Six Flags :metal:

    I'm pretty good at weeding out people I hate before I ask them to do something tho :D
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    Lol idk about you but I met my man at a party and he started talking to me and we got to know each other and finally starting dating and eventually got married lbvs. I've knew him for 7 years before we got married tho I never just hooked up with random guys. I will always be his Ride or Die chick too.

    Everyone has different ways just do what feels best I guess.
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  9. The reality is I'm going to do whatever the fuck I want on a date, and if the girl is down she will join up. If not, who cares. She was probably a pain in the ass anyway.
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  10. Idgaf what you do :D

    I came here to tell the OP - making dinner for himself and a chick is not the best idea for a first date :p

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