So there's this girl that I think likes me. She gives me signs.I invited her to my house for dinner.

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  1. Your married, right?

  3. I am indeed - for many years.

    As far as "why"? Lol Is this a trick question?

    I'm in my 50's. We met when we were teenagers. We've raised a family of 3 beautiful daughters, own a home, enjoy spending time with each other - are comfortable with each other. If I remember correctly it'll be 26 years in a few months, with 5-6 years of dating before that.

    We love each other - that's why.

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  4. She may have gotten a last minute ticket from a friend, perhaps another dropped out with them?

  5. Would you agree that the world is a much different place than it was, 31 years ago?

    My point is that your freely critiquing my point of view, without even having a point of view rooted in any sort of dating experience even within this decade. Furthermore, you have daughters, you have a home, you have love, you have reasons to be with this person, but what reason does any woman have to go out with OP? Dinner? Look at all the reasons your wife is with you and compare that to dinner. Compare 31 years of being in the same company, in comparison to an hour at dinner.

    Before you mention that the way people act doesn't change, you should consider the fact that you, yourself, changed, in order to give the woman that you love what she wanted and if you didn't, the only reason why is because you didn't want her.

    Your wife is with you, because you gave her something that most other men would not. OP is asking this bitch to dinner and acting like dinner is something that no other man is willing to do, acting like she doesn't need to eat food to survive... Point being, everybody has to eat; its not special, in fact, its expected. OP is like "We'll have dinner!" and she is like "...No shit Sherlock." However, the guy that takes her to a concert, that is something that not every guy would do and not every guy could mean everyone but OP, fact remains, its not OP.

    In my mind, if you want a woman, then commit the resources and time to obtaining her. Dinner is weak as fuck in 2017 and your demonstration on your lack of awareness to that fact is not surprising.
  6. ^^^Maybe he isn't after a "gold digger"?
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  7. Go for it if she says no get so high you forget who she is

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    Dinner is a great start to get to know someone - while in and of itself the meal isn't the important thing but rather the intimate time spent together to get to know them.

    I'll guarantee that asking a woman to dinner a hundred years ago meant just as much as it did today and will in another hundred years. In my opinion it shows a woman you're interested.

    For you to suggest "dinner is lame" - I guess I'm just not sure how to respond to that. I'd love to hear what the ladies thought but I don't think it'd be negative, and especially taking the time to make a woman dinner vs paying for it.

    Instead of thinking of it like "let's do dinner", think of it as "let's hang out - we'll make some food & get to know each other". I think this will be a way people have and will meet forever.

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  9. If I want some action dinner at their house is a great option haha... you can easily back out if doesn't feel right but your already there and can let things happen if ya want. I always wear matching underwear if I am going to their place for dinner because there is a decent chance they will see it X3
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  10. Dinner is a great way to get to know somebody; the problem isn't getting to know somebody, the problem is competition. Competition for a woman's attention is at an all time high for men, with consideration to dating apps and every other medium the internet brings.. Fact of the matter is that getting to know somebody just isn't enough anymore.

    Cue all the broads that are sick and tired of giving away free pussy through dating apps and would actually appreciate a guy that makes them dinner.
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  11. When we having dinner baby girl:ey:
  12. The struggle is real. There is nothing worse for a quivering pussy than to be rejected after making a move. This is 2017. Let her make the first move. Good luck bro!!! :)
  13. It may be an age thing too. I'm 63 and widowed a little over 2 years ago. I'm just been out dating for a few months. But I can tell that dinner, especially on a first date, is still expected at minimum. Like I said, that just may be my generation. I can't speak to the years before this because I too met my wife as a teenager.

    Now, back when I was a teenager I would have said the same thing, dinner is lame. And I won the girl and was married for 43 years.
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  14. ask her to come get stoned, sit on the porch at night and talk with some beer or wine, better than a dinner.
  15. Sorry to hear about your wife bro! How has your transition into the dating scene been going? I am always interested to see a perspective from an older person who is subjected to the world of craziness that is our current dating scene.

    Do you date women your own age? Younger?
  16. I've tried to stick to women my age or close. The first woman I dated was about 6 years younger than me. The age difference was a little bit of a problem for us, but the bigger issue was religion. It was a major mistake to date her because she lives in the same building as I do. So it's a little awkward now.

    Other than that it's been a few encounters with online dating. With online dating, typically you just meet for coffee the first time and if things go well you start actual dating. Or so they've told me. Online dating is just so odd and you have to be very careful. When you start getting messages from women 30 or 40 years younger than you and they live 800 miles away you better hope that you're smart enough to know you're being scammed. The whole thing is close to normal dating, and then it's not.
  17. Most online dating sites have some sort of proximity feature that allows you to limit the range around you that you can search.

    Also, most sites you have to pay for typically have a horde of fake users to make their user base seem larger than it is.

    Good luck!
  18. The proximity feature helps you filter what you're looking for. But it doesn't normally prevent someone outside your area contacting you.

    I know Ashley Madison got exposed for having fake accounts. It wouldn't shock me to find out they all do. But the women contacting me from hundreds of miles away aren't site plants, they are out and out scammers. They're looking to start an online friendship and then get you to send them money for some emergency. And from what I understand, they get enough suckers to make it worthwhile.
  19. Dinner for a first date is super is going to a movie, because you don't have the medium to interact like you do with other activities. Dinner and going to movies are dates for once you get the ball rolling w/ a chick.

    First date should be something cool where you can both engage each other. Theme park, a couple drinks, coffee, art museum, your group of friends meeting her group of friends out....something where you can actually get to know each other :smoking:
  20. I used to have women over for dinner when I was single but it was never in the context of a date. At least they knew right away that I could cook and clean too. Two boxed ticked right off the bat.

    But ... I never wore an apron.
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