So there's this girl that I think likes me. She gives me signs.I invited her to my house for dinner.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by incrededibles, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. When is she coming over? I really wanna know how it goes x
  2. Oh no what was the reason?
  3. Better plans I guess. I looked at her snapstory and she was at a concert. Oh well
  4. What did she say?
  5. Maybe I left room for confusion. I said I was making stir fry if she wanted to come over and she said sure! She said she didn't have work that day so she could make it

    Edit: she didn't say anything. I called an hour after the time and she didn't pick up.

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  6. Oh not good.....definitely be a bit clearer next time....I'd call her out though about not bothering to let you know she wasn't seen her since?
  7. I don't think calling her out is a good idea. It will just make me look petty. I guess if she really wanted to be here she would have been here

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  8. Maybe I just think it's RUDE.....but I'm not a game playing type of girl...lifes too short....
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  9. I think it's rude too. I'd rather get a girlfriend than get revenge

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  10. Very wise lol
  11. If you want a woman, start by understanding your audience. #1: Dinner is fucking lame. Romance before having fun is almost always awkward. Furthermore, that awkwardness will be even worse because of your low confidence. Confidence is needed to overcome awkward, so begin by becoming confident and being confident means practice and practice means courting ugly broads you have no interest in and when you do that, you will see the power of not giving a fuck gives you over women and conversely, how giving a fuck makes you unattractive to women.

    We've all been there OP.
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  12. So - what you're saying is that not giving a fuck makes you attractive to women, and that giving a fuck makes you unattractive to women?

    "Dinner is fucking lame"

    It is? You're saying that women don't want to be asked to dinner? Ladies, care to comment on this?

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  13. Will u cum to dinner with me?

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  14. What's wrong with being invited to dinner? I like to know a man is into me and don't like games..what's the point?
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  15. Well the girl I asked this time didn't appreciate it apparently

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  16. I'm not sure it was that....i don't think she could have realised it was a date...maybe she thought it was a totally casual friend thing and then forgot? Either way you can probably do better x
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  17. Sorry dude - I'm a Hetero guy lol -

    But - what are you making? ;)

  18. I'm marinating my beef in hot tamales... with a cream-pie for dessert :]

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  19. LOL!


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