So theres this girl on the bus...

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  1. So I'm high as fuck and I'm on my way to a party. On the bus I notice a cute girl gettin in. On the way to the party she started doing weird moves with her mouth and kinda like she was kissing the air. I didn't know how to react due to being high and stuff. Man I'm trippimg but I had to share this weird thing. I was so tempted to take a video but that would've been too weird.
  2. she was probably tweaking.
  3. bingo...tweakers always do shit with their mouths....hence the word "tweaking"
    my nigga, you almost became a party.
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    Parties are lame.
    Raves ok)Can be splendiferous though)
    Concerts good.
    Music festivals greatest.
    She sounds like a classy waste of time.
    (Mouthies, Its pheromones watch out, She bites.)

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