So.. there's pictures of my girlfriend going around. Should I be mad?

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  1. Sup blades, here's the situation.

    Me and my girlfriend have been dating for about 2 weeks now. We talked a little over a week beforehand. (She's already dropped the L word..) Anyway, there's a naked picture of her that's going around right now that she sent to someone 4 months ago. I'm fine with this, I understand the past is the past..

    The thing that bugs me - the guy that she sent it to, who passed it around, she still talks to. And he's asking for more pictures. She said she wouldn't do that to me, and I trust her - but shouldn't she at the very least cut contact with someone doing something like this?

    I care for this girl - but I'm torn on what to do. I don't wanna be *THAT* guy that tells her to stop talking to someone. But I don't think I want to be involved with someone that talks to guys asking for nudes.

    What do you guys think?
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    Sounds like fucking hell.

    Dropping the big L not even a month in? Get out

    Talking to an ex that is still trying to be physical? Get out

    A naked picture of your girl floating around? Your call

    I was the 'ex' you speak of when I was in middle school. I had a girl who was GORGEOUS. Now I know that is a hard stretch imagining a 16 year old SUPER bad chick but, trust me, she was THAT bad. Anywho, I would have her send me pics all the time, even after we split; and pics weren't the only thing I was getting.

    If he is STILL asking for pics, it is because she is giving him a reason to.

    Stand up, man. Don't take shit lying down.

    I too understand the past is the past but, it doesn't sound like she is leaving the past in the past; if you know what I mean.
  3. I know inciting hate and stuff isn't cool, but if that guy is doing that shit and he's still getting those pictures about i'd literally go and fuck his shit the hell up.

    I'd be concerned with the L word though. For real how old are you? How old is she? Sounds like something teenagers would be doing hah.

  4. I think you gotta end it. Thats fucked man

  5. What is it with all of the violence on this board? I thought stoners were peaceful, loving beings? Hrm... guess there is always a few rotten apples in the bunch (no offense intended).

    I don't think his gf is STILL sending the ex those pictures. If she is, and you're STILL around.... don't be.

  6. forreal sneak up on that fool

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  7. Your girlfriend is what we call a slut
  8. *Just wrapped every post in this thread up
  9. It's pretty hard not to take offence to that. It's a matter of standing up for what is right. Being a man and all that kind of thing.

    This dude is interfering. If talking to him won't solve it then fuck his shit up.

    I'm one of the nicest, politest, kindest and generally respectful people I know, but I also know when to put the foot down and say hay mate, that's enough.
  10. I understand your point of view but... he is a guy? He is doing what guys do? Trying to get a girl...

    This falls back on HER. If she stopped talking to him after they split due to him asking for nudes... this wouldn't be an issue to the OP. The ex is doing nothing wrong (morally, yes. But OPs issue isn't with this guy, it's with his lady), he is trying to get his.

    2 people in a relationship, not 3.

    Those 2 people and those 2 people ONLY, can make or break a relationship.
  11. Thanks for the advice so far guys.

    I'm not fighting him. If I need to resort to THAT to get my girlfriend to stop talking to him - she's simply not worth it anyway.

    I'm gonna talk to her about it I guess. You guys really have a point with the whole "If he's asking for them still, she's giving him a reason too" idea. I'll give you guys an update in an hour or so about how things turn out.
  12. Better to tackle these 'hoe' problems now instead of a 5 years down the road; trust me ;)
  13. That's exactly how I'm seeing this.

    One thing that was kind of unclear; I'm not even sure if this guy is an ex or not. I'm pretty sure they haven't dated or done anything.. so that's another bad sign I suppose. I already casually brought it up, and her response

    Me: Why do you still talk to him?
    Her: He's an idiot, but it's cause he's like my brother. But, I hardly talk to him, I told you that.
    Me: Your brother doesn't ask & send around pictures..
    Her: K not what I meant. I mean, he's like my brother cause he was my best friend.

    I honestly feel like I'm dating a 15 year old. This is pretty stupid & immature, no?

    (If it helps, we're both only 19. Maybe she's just insanely immature for her age?)
  14. Dude, I almost want to give you my fucking phone number :laughing:

    21 here, dating a 21 year old, and I SWEAR by it she is only 10 :laughing:

    She is just sending nudes around to random folks? Yeah, get the fuck out.
    Did you ever send naked pictures to YOUR best friend even if they were the opposite sex?

    Sorry to say, man, but you are dating a whore :eek:

    I have tried to touch on the issues I have in MY relationship with my 'lady friend' to no avail.

    Once a hoe, always a hoe, my friend.
  15. True as blue man, true as blue.

    I just hate it when I see guys pushing in. Tics me off.

  16. run

    trust me bro, the second i read that all i heard in my head was the voice of my ex who took like 6 or 7 months of my life...

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  17. You have a terribly good point. I'm just about to head out the door & talk to her, so I'll post an update and see how it goes.

    I'm probably just going to end it after thinking things through. :p
  18. Same here, except it was 5 years she stole from me...

    I've had some pretty high highs, and some pretty low lows in relationships.

    Glad I could help, Blade.

    Be strong :)
  19. It's not worth it man. If she's doing stuff like that now, chances are she's going to down the road as well..
  20. Quick update for you guys;

    I couldn't go & see her, she says she's busy tonight. I really wanted to just get it off my chest, and I seemed really collected at the time, so I ended up calling her to discuss it.

    Me: Honestly, I'm just kind of rattled how you say you love me, and you're faithful, yet you still talk to guys on the side who ask to see you naked. I'm pretty sure if it was flipped and I sent a picture of myself to some girl, kept taking to her.. and she keeps asking me for more pictures while I'm dating you, you'd be pissed off. I mean, even me talking to ****, my FRIEND, pisses you off. It's such a double standard.

    Her: Wow, okay. I don't need this right now. Bye. *click*

    I kind of worded that harshly, and I came off as a dick. It's whatever though, if that's how she plans on fixing problems, it's for the best.

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