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so theres lots of people in here an all

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. but your all so quiet...whatcha doing right now? im not even going to ask all you lurkers :rolleyes:
    me? thanks for waiting till i get to put the kiddies to bed, there in trouble so i get an early night. yea for me.
    so surely your story is much cooler than mine so whatcha doin?
  2. thanks for asking... i'm just sitting in my room listening to pink floyd and reflecting on my experience last night. trying to incorporate it into my life, and see how it's going to make me a different person. i learned quite a bit lastnight... so i've got a bit of deep thought ahead of me ;)
  3. your welcome, quite a night.
    id say you might have some cleaning to do also...
    hope you dont find any monkey poop.:D
  4. Sorry, was'nt lurking, just got in from dinner. Went and got DVD's. "We Were Soldiers" was'nt in, dammit!, so the estrogen bearing creatures I live with wound up with "Secret's of The Yaa Yaa Sisterhood." I'm outta there!

    So here I am in the city...............again.

    But today! I did'nt have to coach them lil' fifth and sixth graders at all, they kicked ass all by themselves, 20-6!

    Came home fixed the drain in the bathroom sink, I think the wall is gonna get the whole makeover thing, so it could get ugly before it gets better.

    It was warm here today so I got out and tuned up ol' blue and even had time to go to sleep while Okla. St. got the dog poop kicked out of them by Texas. Dayum!:(

    So it now becomes eveident that I could be becoming a boring ol' codger!

    Here Cottons has been at it for 24 hrs. and is contemplating his existence, as well as existence itself.......................and I'm fixing the bathroom wall.


    Hey Cottons, don't forget to take your brain out and let it rest for awhile.
  5. just eating and recovering from my little electrocution, and staring at the aquarium that i set up today while listening to jerry.
  6. listening to trippy acid music ;]

  7. that is the best.

    watching youre new aquarium, not the recovering. well the recovering part is good too, i meant the electricution. unless it was in someway an enlightening experience. funny...

    i got off work tonight early, had the house all by meself, watching movies all night. its rainy and dark and dreary here so what better to do!


    funny word.
  8. yeah i enjoy it, i just wish i had some ganj to go with it
  9. I just finished setting up seven new babies, put them under the lights and told them I expect great things out of them. :) Now I'm just lookin' for someone to talk to... who's here?
  10. You know I never lurk.. When i'm here it's in the forums. lol

    I'm glad to see you are back and kicking ass my darlin!

  11. Talk on Brutha!

    We's all here!
  12. yaayaa sisterhood hehe maybe you should watch it.
    im glad to be kickinbutt again budhead.
    7 babiesi promise you that will be a fun little project
    i wish i could take credit for the word lurkers...(they know who they are!)....
    i wish i had a fish tank...naw i wish i could watch someone elses fishtank
    kids are still up im such a sucker.
  13. Send the kids to bed.
    Sit back fire one up
    And start kicking ass again!

    We are here to talk and listen, so talk on!!!!!!
  14. Hey all,

    I'm jus chillin, smoked a bowl, and i'm gonna eat some pizza and watch x-games

  15. Hey too sicks. If you were doing any thing more, you would be busy as hell.LOL

    Good to see ya around the boards again..
  16. I'm a sista. :)
  17. Haha!!

    I tried to watch the x games but there's too many stupid commercials screwing with my head. I admit there's been some dumb shit on TV in the past but i think all of last generation's ADD kids have now taken control of the airwaves.

    after watching 2 snowboard runs in 20 mins and being beaten down by subliminal, liminal, and superliminal designed to target disillusioned kids and "shaping" minds to function as a new breed of superconsumer i am left with a few questions:

    WTF is a helloMOTO?


    I am a pretty intelligent individual in that i tend not to be confused by much, but,,,


    There's some craayzee shizz be goin off this millenium

  18. Hey too sicks. If you were doing any thing more, you would be busy as hell.LOL

    Good to see ya around the boards again
  19. in order to watch those x games you either have to
    A. play the darn video games yourself, or
    B. watch someone else play the darn video games


  20. haha, not x-box, X-games, it's like a winter olympics for "scar collectors" (I collect scars too) I wanted to watch the snowboard comps but i just can't watch any more of these dumbass commercials, i'm afraid i'll become dumber for it. I try not to watch any TV other than educatonal stuff and movies to try and limit my exposure to that screwed up place in the outside world that is america present day. The town i live in is through a hole in an "island" of mountains in the middle of the desert. There's no broadband, very limited cellphone coverage, no broadcast TV or FM radio. Time stopped here in the 60's. Everybody tokes and it's sweet as hell.

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