So there's a maniac on the loose in my town...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by stonednluckee, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. So this guy kidnapped, beat, and supposedly raped a 6 year old girl in my town and he hasn't gotten caught yet. The girl got away though, but she said they also had a 4 year old boy. This guy should have his dick cut off for the rape, then let bleed out and die for the rest.
  2. Got a link to a news article?
    Hope he gets crucified
  3. What horrible thing to happen, i demand justice! What the fuck is the executive branch doing for our damn country, goddamn this makes me angry.
  4. The fuckin cops won't do shit, all they care about is catching the easy criminals which are the druggies, fuckin 50% of the criminals in prison are harmless druggies who don't hurt anyone but themselves, stupid fucking cops need to catch the real criminals which are the rapists and murderers.
  5. How could someone even do something like that:confused: ahhhhhh
  6. Angry mob anyone???
  7. Dude, im fucking down, i want to beat the shit out of that guy.
  8. Hold on guys, im looking for an article.
  9. Monsters like these should die. Terribly.:cool:
  10. Truth.

    But everyone look at the picture i posted of him. If I ever saw a guy that looked like that I would just immediately call the police. You can just tell he's a creeper.
  11. Sounds like the opportune time for some good ol' fashioned vigilante justice.

    By vigilante justice I mean the most inhumane torture you and all of your town can possibly fathom.
  12. Your right, i should make it my duty to find him. I'll go dexter on his ass!

  13. I believe everyone who commits a crime should be punished with the crime they committed.

    Seriously. He should be randomly kidnapped, beaten, then raped.

    Then his arms and did should be cut off so he couldn't do any of it again.
  14. Get a lynch mob going. When you find him, hang him upside down. Proceed to cut both wrists and watch him bleed out. It also helps to force his eyes open in front of a mirror so he can watch himself bleed out. Chesters deserve the most painful death, you don't fuck with children like that and expect mercy.
  15. Yeah i could think of a much more creative way to kill a man. But i think if i truly wanted to kill a person (thus having to hate the fiber of their being) I would strangle them. That way I can truly feel the life leaving them as they struggled less and less. But thats just me ;).
  16. Woah..I wouldn't leave my house:eek:
  17. Prison justice, regardless of the "hardships" this fuck would recieve, can never undo what that girl will remeber for the rest of her life. Cases like this make me sick, and scared for the dangers that are really out there.

    If this snake takes the easy way out, i will cry.
  18. If this guy is caught he's gonna get fucked up/killed in prison.
  19. isnt that shit pathetic for our country???
    check this shit out
    all the countys around mine are stepping there 'police' game up
    and have been bustin people left n rite
    heres histroy..these countys, and cities are known to have alot of drugs
    everything basicaly...but are huuuuge meth, coke, and crack areas, and i know some of the people that deal with that shit..
    i read in the paper
    pot bust
    after pot bust
    after pot bust
    after pot bust
    after pot bust.
    and they feel proud?? for a victemless crime
    WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!
    you have got to be kidding me!!!
    its redicuols

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