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So the census in my town.....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mucho blunto, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. I dont agree with this whats so ever!!

    Alright so people here agree that Mids, KB (kine bud) and headies are the three levels of quality. which i think is true.
    But also that mids is from the lowest part of the plant, KB from the middle and heads from the top. I allways fight my dealer saying " No mids grown correctly is headies and KB is a strain!!"

    Tired of know it all dealers.
    Can someone clarify??:confused:
  2. Schwag,regs,mids,dank
  3. So theres a known difference from Regs to mids?

    I find that hard to believe.
  4. nope, Regs is usally Mexican Brick (or schwag) and Mids are well grown Mexican Bagseed generally. then it goes to Medical.
  5. this.....and nobody should tell u different....
  6. So the KB being in the middle is some grade A BULLshit the?
  7. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  8. Regs are the worst of the worst. Regs are ALWAYS brown, no exception.
    Mids are green-ish. They can also be brownish or green but with no crystals.

    But whatever bro what are you gonna do. If everyone in your town uses the slang, you gotta too otherwise nobody is gonna know wtf you are talking about aha.
    Just like I disagree with saying "half-quarter" instead of eighth and think it makes you sound like an ignorant mathematically retarded dropout who didn't learn grade 4 fractions. But hey, I have to use it or I won't get my weed.
  9. Medical aint nothin' but good home grown. :ey:
  10. We Say Mersh (mids) No Name Dank/Strain

  11. eh, some "medical" strains are crossed for potency, and i never got the term "home grown" where the fuck else is weed supposed to be grown in the US?

    this should answer your questions (pictures)

    "Mersh" aka "Commercial" aka "Reggie" aka "Schwag"

    "Mids" aka "Mid grade"
    is generally decently grown plants, can be compressed or Fluffy, but usually contains seeds, weather from the plant not being harvest at the right time. or if it was pollenized by a male plant.

    "Medical" aka "High grade" aka "NUG" aka "KB" (Kine Bud, or Killer Bud)
    is always seedless, and has visible Trichomes, and have been meticulously observed for max output/potency.
  12. Looks like good home grown to me. ;)
    Calling cannabis "medical" is just good marketing. You think someone can't crossbreed for higher yield and potency in their closet or basement, or in a shed?

  13. i've grown buds like that also

    but what you must think about, is if they're Grown to the standards many Pot Guru's Grow. "homegrown" in the US, is nearly Every bit of our domestic bud. wherelse are you gonna grow it?

  14. Thanks, let me just say I hate slang
  15. wow... here where i am (melbourne, australia) you don't get anything but 'weed'... you might get a recomendation from a friend about a guy who sells really goosd stuff... and they might charge you a lil extra... but I've never heard of anyone going up and asking for a particular grade or strain... ever.
    That is, unless you know someone who grows their own.
  16. ^^^^

    yea I mean here in USA the dealer to consumer relationship for some people isn't very good. and they get ripped off

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