So, the big heartbreak was her facebook picture.

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  1. So, I've been talking and liking this chick for a while, and she said she liked me too, like alot.

    She goes to a local fair and rolls with a few of friends I know, and she ends up going out, and kissing him, (my really good (ex) friend). Then, they made sure everyone knew from the whole facebook picture.

    I said home because, I got over rolling. But whatever dude, i'm like fuck it.
    This fucking sucks.
  2. You win some you lose some, but in the end it will make you a stronger person by getting over it.
  3. You win some you lose some, but in the end it will make you a stronger person by hitting it.
  4. Ya dude forget her. That's not the kind of person you'd want to date. She would probably use the ecstasy as an excuse for her actions.
  5. Smoke some bud, take a bong rip and bump some good music:smoke:
  6. ^^^Yes. Exactly.
  7. If you're really heartbroken, you can smoke the biggest sack in the world and it wouldn't make a difference.

    Just keep on going. Time heals all wounds.
  8. +1 on the last sentence. It sucks but what can you do? Luckily for you there is almost 7 billion people in the world.
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    Fuck bitches that roll. Can't trust em for shit. My buddies girlfriend was rollin the other night, and JACKED him 20 bucks for alcohol. Stupid people...
  10. That's an excuse in my opinion. Kinda how people use alcohol as an excuse to cheat.
  11. It is an excuse, it's ridiculous....but hey, alcohol CAN cause cheating......if you're not used to drinking and someone gets you fucked up out of your mind, you honestly can't control yourself...

  12. Don't drink?

    I have a rule with every guy I get serious with, all that I ask is that neither of us drink if we aren't together. It's a simple rule. I don't really drink anyway. I don't think it should be a big deal for two people who are committed to each other to abstain from something. So, honestly, that's no excuse either. There's never an excuse to cheat.
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    Yes there is. If you're taken, and a dude, and you go out drinking with your best GUY friend, because he is a bit of an alcoholic, and you think its just going to be a kicked back night....then he makes you keep drinking till you can't function, and his sister starts making moves on you when you can't function, I wouldn't even consider that cheating, it was practically rape. Im not saying its alright to go out drinking with members of the opposite sex when you're with someone, but you can't really blame someone if they got pushed into something while they were practically blacked out and very inexperienced with alcohol. You can only blame them if A)They are just using it as an excuse and weren't that fucked up or B) Got themselves into that position

  14. Uhh..nothing can justify the act itself. Sorry. You're not going to change my mind with that scenario. Everyone has control of themselves and their actions and you friend doesn't just force you to drink you have FREE WILL, you can say "No sorry I don't want to be a fucking senseless douchebag and do something I might regret, thanks for the offer"...

    I mean...Stop trying to justify it. It's inexcusable to get in that element in the first place when you open yourself up for something like that to happen. If you can't be respectful in a relationship you don't deserve one anyway. That's the bottom line.

  15. So if someone slipped you Roofies, and you ended up fucking someone other than your boyfriend, you would blame yourself?
  16. Okay here is the difference between the first example you had and this one...

    The first example a friend "forced" you to drink. Which is invalid.
    The second, someone is (without YOUR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT) slipping a drug into your drink..

    What a stupid question.
  17. Alright, Im not trying to start a fight, im just getting defensive because I know very well what happened when i cheated on my girlfriend, and I don't like people that I don't know telling my that im making up excuses, especially when you weren't there and don't know the details. So im going to leave this thread before something ugly gets said
  18. Right.

    Good luck trying to exempt yourself from the guilt :wave:
  19. These people need to pass the peace pipe to eachother. ^^

    Anyways, ya. It seems to alot of people that
    Rolling is a perfect excuse to justify any of your actions.
    Not to mention drinking.


  20. We worked it out peacefully=p Hahaha.

    And I wasn't saying drinking is a good excuse. obviously theres no excuse for cheating, only circumstances.

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