so thc is soluble in alcohol right

Discussion in 'General' started by VagDiddler, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. what if i drink a shit load before a drug test do you think all the thc will dissolve in the liquor and i would be clean?
  2. No it wont work
  3. Definitely not
  4. Can't be serious. No fucking way you are serious.
  5. wow so many negative nancys
  6. Lol saying it wont work isnt being negative when its a fact my man.

  7. They answered your question, I'd say more along the lines of some Helpful Harry's we have in this thread.
  8. VagDiddler lol
  9. I know they say there's no such thing as a stupid question, but...
  10. Only if you drink a 1/5th in less than an hour

  11. I think you mean logical Larrys. :p

    Edit - Helpful Harry also works. :)
  12. You don't drink it, you bathe in it. A nice vodka bath will clean your system right up!
  13. Like jd said you gotta fill the bathtub up and set in it for a few hours. It's the only way the thc will dissolve.
  14. lol'd so hard

  15. I like to think this Logical Larry is a pretty stand-up guy, definitely sounds cool.

  16. Worked every time for me.
  17. negative nancy has been listening to kendrick lamar

    jk i think i might have a drug test some time next week im going to go drinking like every day this week
  18. It'll totally work bro. Last drug test I had I smoked a blunt to the face then did a couple shots and drank a six pack to the face, then rolled into that drug test place and pissed some non-thc piss right in the little cup. Then I had to piss again cause of all the beer I drank. Long story short, I passed that bitch and now I'm employee of the month at Wal Mart. How's that for positivity? :p

  19. i like your attitude and enthusiasm bro

    more walmart employees should be like you

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