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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by THIRSTYGECKO, May 11, 2003.

  1. i didnt mean to caps, and i knew that, so i'm sorry... i have days like this, or now its like that. Its nice to have a place with people to relate to. I asked about the weed cuz i am more into ice. i dont like to be somewhere i dont feel welcomed, ya know? thats a whole nother issue. this site is out of amsterdam, right? i have ordered before and liked what i got, need to do another. talk to me about something, i am very liberal and open minded, not to mention lonely.
  2. Your more than welcome here, just browse the boards and make some friends, there are tons of cool people here that will be there for you.

    Peace and enjoy!

  3. Welcome and enjoy your time at our happy little home here at the city. We have some of the best, well rounded buds out there!!!!!!!! LOL
  4. Welcome to the city! enjoy your stay!
  5. so kool to have someone answer me... i sound desparte, huh?? i'm not. too bad this isnt like a live chat, i stayed up last night til time to get up and checked back for no answers... weed is kool, but for me the munchies really poofed me up bad, and couldnt help it. then i got to the point where a weed high just wasnt enuf, i quit altogether for a while, but then decided to expand my drug horizons, and here i am today.
  6. this place may not have live chat, but if theres anyone you want to chat with, click on their profile button and it will tell you their aim name if they have one. or icq. ice is crap man- i used to do it, and when we would talk about it over the phone, we called it poopy. because thats what it is- shit! well not literally, but basically. but i didnt regret it because everything in life is a good experience, ya know? so ya, welcome to the city man

  7. yes, welcome to the city. i look foward to your posts. :)

  8. dude chill out! not that big of a deal! i cant beleive you made a whole thread about this! haha

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