So Something Big Has Got Me Smiling

Discussion in 'General' started by SkunkWoodz, Jun 8, 2013.

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    I was approached by a rep to have a booth at the upcoming Champs trade show in Las Vegas for my unique smoking accessories.  I don't know if I can actually do it as I just started a new job today and its a lot of work and travel.  Totally thinking about it though, and/or the next show in Colorado.

    just thought I would share my good news with the city and toot my horn a little bit :D
    This is what the rep was diggin, my wood accessories

  2. Congrats! It always gets me stoked to hear about other blades or bladies doing good. 
  3. thanks zomb, I hadn't even considered trade shows till now, but I know I should totally hit them up to get my products out there.
  4. utilize every chance you get to better yourself, congrats!
    p.s i'd definitely use that scrapeie 
  5. rotawee, first of all your shit is badasss!!!! do you bllow your own glass? do you turn the wood peices yourself?
    shit it has been my lifelong dream to be in your shooes! please tell how you got started1
  6. Thanks blades
    and no, I don't do glasswork, that would be a huge perk of participating in the show though I would think, would love to start blowing.
    I got started with a sharp knife and some exotic wood scraps I had leftover from knife handles.  First piece I carved was a pink ivory kif scooper, then some purple heartwood, then I invested in a cheap beltsander then a mini wood lathe.. It all started with whittlin though and a fondness of sharp tools :D
  7. Bro, that's beautiful! Shaping wood like that :smoking:
    You go make our name shine fam ... That talent needs to be seen :)
  8. Go to the trade shows man. You've got a real talent and being asked to go by a rep surely indicates that he thinks other people there will recognise your talent. Why work for someone else when you could work for yourself doing what you love? 
  9. I can't be the only person whose mind went to the thread being made by a girl and the 'something big' that is making her smile is a penis.
  10. pretty sure you're the only one ;) dirty dirty man
  11. Epic stuff man. Artisan crafts are a dying breed. Go as far and as high as you can! i have faith :smoke:
  12. You do beautiful work man.  :smoke:

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