So, since Matrix 2 sucked ass...

Discussion in 'General' started by BeRzErKaS, May 26, 2003.

  1. What hope is there left for summer entertainment? What are YOU looking forward to most?

    The Incredible Hulk looks promising, no?

    Reloaded was more than enough over-the-top computer generated mind cancer for one summer BUT I may be willing to make an exception for the Hulk seeing as how he is a SUPER HERO.

    So whats next on your list?
  2. the original matrix was better..... i didnt like the 2nd one that much......
  3. hmm well my brother downloaded it last night and they are in there right now watching it... i will probably watch it later
  4. i kinda liked it.....well the idea of the whole back doors etc.......but they did go O.T.T. with the dancing in zion and shit.......and neo going allmost into space........Peace out...........Sid
  5. i didn't think reloaded necessarily sucked...I knew going into the movie that it wouldn't be as profound or mind bending as the first one. The first was all about the alligory of the cave and truly waking up...the second was about mind blowing (although kinda shitty IMHO) fight scenes, and the third is gonna wrap this whole mess up somehow...have faith ya'lls

  6. Very true, few sequals can live up to the hype and impact of the first movie. And don't get me wrong, I LOVED THE FIRST MOVIE.

    But the thing is the first Matrix film was about an extrodinary human being doing extrodinary things. That was at the heart of the storyline. Thats what made him "The One." The kung fu and the jumpin and the bullet dodging was all real. Of course done with wires and some computer effects but at least the actors were ACTUALLY doin the stuff. So it was kinda like, "Wow, look what people can do!"

    In this movie, they didn't even bother. The most kick-ass "stunts" were totally computer generated!

    Example 1: a very good portion of the playground fight
    Example 2: the car chase (ESPECIALLY the part with the agent jumping on the roofs of the cars)

    So what am I left to marvel at? The creativity of some computer geek who's only limitation is the number of gigahertz in his computer?

    I dunno, maybe its just my disappointment talking... I just don't see what makes this movie any different from the soon-to-be released Incredible Hulk, or even Terminator 3.

    Both of which have thier own enourmous budgets and personal armies of computer science majors...

    I expected more from the Wachowski Brothers.
  7. i totally understand what you mean, I was pretty let down by the playground scene..ive played computer games that looked more lifelike than some of the shots of neo spinnin about were...

    as for all for a new terminator..its about fuckin time!
  8. yeah, but i saw the trailow for T3, and the new terminator looks poo.

    i didn't like the t1000 either

    the endoskeletons rock hard though. *this* hard.
  9. bad boys 2...but im almost positive they will screw it up - the original was when will smith/martin lawrence had to actually try and act
  10. the incrediable hulk looks shit too me, but i dont like the original idea anyway..he gets pissed off... breaks alot of things...calms down...YAWN
  11. worst sequel of the year and maybe ever is definetly gonna be Dumb and Dumberer.

  12. totally! its from the whole spiderman thing, they like that marvel comics movie lets make 5 billion more!]

    edit: does anyone remember mighty max? i think they should make a movie bout him! with the crazy owl dude yay

  13. Agreed. I suppose it won't win an Emmy but I do think it will be entertaining. It should be like a giant cartoon. A comic book come to life. If ur not into comics then I guess you certainly wouldn't like the movie.

    What about "Bruce Almighty" ? Looks funny, plus I think it actually beat the Reloaded at the boxoffice last weekend. Anyone seen it yet?

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