So since everyone is effected differently lets see the poll results!

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Do you prefer to smoke to...

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  1. Get you moving\get your day started, when you wake up

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  2. Relax, end your day, before bed

  3. Both

  4. Doesnt make a difference, i smoke all day

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  1. I know plenty of people who cannot wake n bake without completely diminishing all motivation for the day, and i know others who cannot get motivated until they smoke!
    Same goes for the end of the day... There's plenty of people cannot relax, unwind, sleep etc without smoking before bed.
    Then theres people who arent effected by pot like that, and can smoke from the second they open their eyes, to the second they are ready to close them,
    And people who both wake n bake to get going, and smoke to relax, bring an end to their day.
    Which one are you!?
  2. i can smoke all day but favorite time is in bed just before a nice leg over ,oh and a glass of cider too ,,,mac.
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  3. Well during the week days I don't normally get high until the kids are taken a nap and after they go to bed with my husband we always get high an play video games at night. Weekends when the kids with my mama we smoke at many random times during the day lol. I just voted for at night to relax & chill.

  4. There was a time in my life where no body smoked weed before 6pm in the afternoon
    OK maybe 2 hours earlier in the weekend

    My how times change
  5. 35 million Americans use pot monthly (14% of Americans) with twice that number having tried it at least once during their lives. But only about 9 million use cannabis daily. In other words your poll is only of value to daily smokers that I suspect you think the majority of users are probably because all your own friends do so and obviously there are high numbers of hard core daily users on this web board that skew that perception.

    I've smoked weed for decades and always did so as an occasionally user because I strongly dislike the mediocre high resulting from tolerance build up and for years of a demanding 8-5 m-f hi tech career needed to be mentally sharp. Since I retired and every day I wake up is Saturday with the gov paying me to do nothing, am still not smoking more than 3 or 4 consecutive days between t-breaks and never all day but rather just a gram or less over a few hours. Today is my t-break day 2 and expect to go at least 4 or 5 days before smoking again.

    Also I've never believed that there is much difference between the THC high experience of users but rather it is that what users do while high varies immensely, is bewildering to many, so is just too difficult to describe in consistent ways. Note I am very energetic and social with the above noted use thus not the couch type though I quite understand how others get that way as getting up on one's feet is a difficult challenge for many.
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  6. Managing that Tolerance is the next stage for many noobie tokers

    great post
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  7. I'll blaze as long as I don't have shit to do. Especially if I got work.
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  8. Mostly before bed. Rarely a wake and bake. Sometimes just a tad before social situations. Always before s-e-x.

    Now that I think about it, it really serves a medicinal purpose and acts as a relaxation tool. Just one more form of self care.

    Occasionally i’ll spend the day trying to maintain a high but mostly it enhances quality of life
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  9. I smoke pretty much all day. Keeps anxiety down

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