so scared

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  1. i was high in my room

    and then i saw a big ass spider on my tv, i went to try and kill it but i lost it,.

    im in my basement now, and im terrrifed to go back in my room. fbiggest buzz kil me...
  2. lol hhahaha,are you on any drugs,and that must have been one big spider to scare the shit out of you like that.

    how big was it
  3. kill that motherfucker you are a million times his size...
  4. There is no help for you now that you let it escape.
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    Don't let the fear control you. Fear is always in our heads. We create it for ourselves when really there never really is no need to fear except when your actual life is at stake (someone or something is chasing you trying to kill you. Fear is useful in certain instances, but as humans we make experience it in so many trivial circumstances. Like your spider problem. There is nothing to fear because it is just a spider that can't really do anything to you expect deliver tiny bites that barely phase us. Don't let this fear that is not real take control of who you really wanna be. Btw I'm high as shit right now :smoking::smoking:
  6. I hate to laugh at your misfortune but .... :laughing:
  7. dude. i would freak the fuck out to..

    i would tear my room apart just to find that motherfcker.
  8. catch him, put it in a cup of lighter fluid/anything that is flammable and proceed to burn that motherfucker
  9. i dislike spiders. quite so.
  10. and read shit out of the bible and as the spider screams you can pretend you're doing an exorcism!!! that would be so fun im gonna go get a spider or mouse
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  12. a mouse? sick bastard lol
    that spider is fuckin huge, crack out the spatula for that badboy
  13. i remember once i decided to smoke before i went to sleep, so i get into bed high as fuck and right as my eyes close i feel a fucking spider run up my leg...mind you, i have black sheets and my room is pitch black, so i cant see shit, only jump out of bed screaming and brushing at my legs frantically for about 10 minutes.

    i slept on the couch for about a month after that
  14. lol man i was just kidding i dont hurt animals. i like them too much :D
  15. lmao wowowowoowow that's probably worse unless your bed is absolutely fucking grimy :eek:
  16. lol nope i keep my bed clean, i wash the sheets once a week
    i still get paranoid about it if im really high before i go to sleep :eek: bleh i hate spiders!
  17. set your bed on fire.
  18. but...but..i love my bed :(
  19. why do that to your bed.

    what did it do to you
  20. as they say in whatever fucking song it is...............


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