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  1. This girl was killed on 4/20 by a schizophrenic man who jsut wanted to hurt a girl. That is so terrible. I didnt post it because it was on 4/20 I posted it because its terribly impacting and sad for a family to have 17 years of raising a child go down the drain because of some crazy prick.

    Anna Svidersky was nearing the end of her shift at the McDonald's on N.E. Andresen in Vancouver, Washington (WA) on Thursday, April 20, 2006. The beautiful Russian-American teen was working in the dining area, cleaning tables. In less than a week, Anna Svidersky would turn 18, and in less than two months she would graduate from Fort Vancouver High School.

    Anna Svidersky

    That night a man named David Barton Sullivan, a 28-year-old twice-convicted sex offender and diagnosed schizophrenic, left his Vancouver home carrying a 6-inch kitchen knife. He would tell police later, simply, that his intention was to "hurt a female."

    Sullivan succeeded, and the friends and family of Anna Svidersky were left to mourn, and ask why.


    Speaking to KGW-TV out of Portland, Oregon (OR), Svidersky's co-worker Michael Block related what he witnessed shortly after 8 that Thursday night, "She didn't see him coming," Block said. "She kinda screamed and jumped out of her seat. I was still shocked. I didn't believe I'd actually seen that."

    Block took off after David Barton Sullivan, dialing 911 on his cell phone as he followed the attacker out of the restaurant.

    Sullivan was captured quickly. He'd tried to ditch the knife he used to attack Svidersky, but he was still covered with her blood. The knife was found shortly after his arrest.

    Vancouverauthorities apparently knew two things right away — Sullivan chose his victim at random, and he did not appear to be faking his mental illness. In a statement released on Friday, April 21st, Sullivan was reported to have said, "I should have stayed home with my stuffed animals instead of doing what I did. This is all evil stuff that I've done. This is too much."

    memorials vids to her
  2. Yes, this is a terrible tragedy, but wrong forum. Did you know her, or just find out about it. It's crazy what some people do these days, I don't care what the guy was suffering from. I hope he goes away for a long time.
  3. When that happened it was all over the local news for a few days (I live close to Vancouver) and I didn't even notice that it happened on 4/20. Eh... doesn't really matter when it happened. That's fucked up.

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