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  1. This just happened around my area. Its fucking disgusting. Heres a quote from the site
    These people killed thier fucking daughter, plus had a 15 year old son that "fell" from thier apartment building.
    Heres the url if anyone cares.
    Cold case cracked after 18 years | News | Fort Erie Times

    How the hell could someone do that to thier kids man...
  2. Omg that's just heart breaking..:(
    thank god justice will be served even
    If it took longer than expected.
  3. Fuck this depressing bullshit.

    Raise hell praise Dale!

  4. i still dont get how people can be like oh even though it's 18 years later it's still justice. i don't really think it is, it takes 18 years to figure out how somthing that was probably pretty well documented back then just now gets settled? while these people were roaming free for 18 years. and heres the kicker, there going to be put in some prison where they have decent food, television, gyms, computers, and some other provisions that not even all americans can have access to every day for doing a crime.
  5. hmm I see what you're saying,
    but gone are the days of the electric chair.
  6. wonder if mafia cold cases will start coming out more to now lol i can dream

  7. A man breaks into your house and rapes and kills all of your family in front of you, never would you forget his face.

    *18 years later*

    You have the muzzle of your gun pushing into the back of his head. Would you pull the trigger, would you get justice?

  8. They didn't know who the girl was, therefore the couldn't solve the case. Obviously someone came forward with knowledge that the parents had their daughter in the apartment and with half the bones in her body broken. The police were then able to use this to figure out that the dead girl in the suitcase was the daughter of these monsters.

    It is absolutely justice. They committed a horrific crime, and will now pay the price.

  9. That's not justice, that's called revenge. The two are not synonymous.

  10. I think it would be considered justice and revenge.
  11. The Welland Couple - 2
    Casey Anthony - 1

  12. Justice is a subjective concept.

  13. 18 years they could've been in prison in my eyes. we spend so much damn money on the police force why isn't my money directed towards catching killers, crack dealers and pieces of shit who do this kinda stuff? instead its going toward patrol officers to bust me over a joint.

    and to answer the question about if i would pull the trigger, hell yeah, in my eyes that is justice, and revenge. will i be better off in life knowing he's dead? no. but i'll sleep better at night knowing i settled the score.
  14. I doubt he'd leave you, since dead people can't sue.

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