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So red hair = sativa, yellow hair = indica?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Stoned to Sleep, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. Is this right?
  2. i don't think it matters whether it's sativa or indica, i think the color of the hairs depend on how well the plant's cared for.
  3. negatory. there is no way to tell if the bud is indica or sativa unless you picked it from the plant and you know if the plant is indica or sativa; your dealer tells you; or the type of high when you smoke it. Other than that there is no way to tell.

    By the way:

    Indica has a lazy high. the kinda where you dont want to move too much. basically sit on the couch and chill

    Sativa has a cerebal(sp?) high. more energized compared to indica.

    *edit* the hairs are usually unique to the breed of bud. Nothing else as far as i know plays a role in the hairs color.
  4. actually there is a way to tell, indica is dense sativa is light and airy. also indica tends to grow short and stout, sativa will grow tall with a different growth structure . also the leaves of indica are broad, while the leaves of sativa are thin.

    mustard has the highs right

    there is actually one strain called black widow that has black hairs. the hairs are not indicators
  5. ^^ ya thats true

    indica buds are tight, compact and hard. sativas will be fullfy and light, but since we are talkign about looking at nugs (i assume) not looking at the plants themselves or touching em. there really is no way of telling what strain or weither its sativa or indica.

    theres a bunch of threads like these ..there should be a sticky or something
  6. i grew 1 of both strains before. the only way i knew what was what was because of the labeled jars. other than that when smoked, the different highs were indicators. the only difference i noticed, the sativa budz had hair that was much redder than the indicas almost orange hairs. this was only one grow out of hundreds of different strains of mj. so honestly this was no true test to tell the difference. i would try to guess when i bought dealer weed. most of the times i would end up with indica budz, only indicator was because of the couch lock. every now and then some sativa was in his mix which was also discovered upon consumption ie, smoke a lil, dont feel anything smoke a lil more, 10 mins later literally floating which normally lead to me feeling like i smoked too much, which for me is uncomfortable. so i dont think you could actually bet on hair color determining what type of bud it is, especially if you bought it from a dealer
  7. man I wish I could find some sativa around here, all anyone ever sells is indica.
  8. not all sativa bud is airy :) here is a red haired sativa i grew.

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  9. ok, wat ive noticed, is that indica buds, they have shorter and fatter leaves, and u get a couch lock high, but with sativas (like that there dread grew) they have longer and thinner leaves.. and like he said its sativa, so lemme go find an indica bud...brb
  10. this is topp 44, pure indica, u can tell the difference in the leaves

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  11. Those are some fine buds.
  12. Yes they are..

    when people say sativa has an energetic high, what do you mean exactly? It doesnt mean youre more energenic then when not high does it? Just more energenic than if you smoked indica, right?
  13. I thought Indica had more of an energetic slap-happy high and Sativa had more of a mellow high...

  14. okay okay, this is the best way i can explain the difference, sativa doesnt put you down on your ass like an indica will. with a sativa buzz, you literally feel like your head is detached. kinda floating a couple of feet above your body. you feel energetic in the sense that your perception increases. things may look a little clearer and angles maybe defined. indica on the other hand jus puts your ass down. eyes tend to feel heavy and you feel like a great weight has been put into your lap. there have been times i was so indo-locked, i jus wouldnt move, indica bud is a good party ender also. you gotta buncha drunk fuckers in your house, you want them out, pull out the indica bud. within 15 mins, most people will clear out because the alcohol and bud is too much of a combo, making them feel violently ill :D. that way you can jus be like you cant puke in here, out you go! nah i wouldnt do that to anyone, but it has been a popular method used in the past at some campus parties.

    its quite the opposite :)
  15. i tend to find indica is more of a stoned while sativa is more of a high, aka full body inebriating effects vs cerebral light headed giggly effects.

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