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So really, why do you smoke weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SRHtoker570, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. -I like to smoke pot because it helps me cope with day to day stress..Truelly i can stop whenever i want but when i get out of work or on the weekends i like to do it so i can just get out of the real world and kinda feel like i did when i was in high school and not have to worry about anything but rumors, tests, and what im doing after schools over, its kind of a peace of mind if it only lasts an hour or two it was an hour or two were i could actually focus on things that matter, not bills, or work...Family, and friends, the girl i like, what im doing with my life, etc. Its really just my way of digging into my mind for the truth and bottom line to every though that concerns me. It really is a simple getaway i use to collect my thoughts together...

    i wrote that trying to describe to a girl why i smoke weed but i thought it would make for a good thread just to see why people really smoke weed and to see if anyone shares the same "reason".:smoke::smoke: ill burn down two maybe :smoke::smoke::smoke: just to start the party off right sometimes though haha.
  2. I smoke for a bunch of reasons.

    If I have a lot of schoolwork, or an exam, I'll smoke right before doing it, or studying. I guess it just calms me down and helps me focus. It's great for Calculus.

    If I just want to be alone, and not deal with other people, I smoke. There's nothing like listening to your favorite music, getting comfortable, and not WORRYING about a damn thing. People worry too much.

    One thing I realized about me, is that even when I'm not high, I seem to be a more relaxed, logical thinker. I used to be the "bully" back in high-school, and now that I smoke I'm just me, minding my own business. Live and let Live!

    Oh and because I'd rather be high then drunk. Being high > drunk! Nobody likes the obnoxious, sweaty, drunk kid. haha.
  3. Well I could say that I smoke just because I like to get high, at least thats the way it used to be when I started. But over the years it has become more than just smoking weed to get high(THATS A BIG PART lol),but its knowing about different strains, supporting the medical use, how to grow, what will make it grow better, etc. etc. the list could go on and on...Marijuana is more than just getting high to me...I love it!
  4. Weed helps me get back to absolute zero at the end of my day, it helps me get to sleep at a respectable time (I am an INSOMNIAC), and it helps with my arthritis

    just so you all know I'm only 20, the arthritis makes me sound kinda old huh?
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    ahahahahahahahaha wow, finally a formal fat kid bully (no pun intended in the least) turned docile cool dude, thats whats up dude, i never really had to worry about "bully's" or dicks as we call them here lol but you would def fit in with the kids who dont get bullied bc the bully is theyre friend anyway, that ONE guy who hangs out all the time who everyone can fuck with and is like a gentle giant until you fuck with him the wrong way or his friends and he's the first dude to step up n lay down the law lol
  6. I smoke to stay SANE! I'd go crazy without puffin.
  7. It not only helps counteract the side effects from the medications that i'm on, but it also treats what the medication is supposed to treat better than the medication itself.

    I have severe ocd (purely obsessional form), depression and anxiety. Before smoking, I wanted to die. I couldn't feel happiness.

    Smoking gave me back the ability to feel happy again. I love life now. It helps me regain control over my thoughts and put an end to the intrusive or cyclical thoughts brought on by ocd.
  8. because i want to fit in duh. haha not really i just smoke because it relaxes me. other than that i dont really know why i like to smoke. for one reason or the other i just love to blow dro.
  9. Because i cant go without it, after about 4 years of smoking daily, untill i have a solid reason to quit, like being drug tested or somthing, i doubt ill be able to quit. Just makes everything so fun.
  10. 1. Recreation
    2. Relaxation
    3. Medication (osteoarthritis)
  11. Hey old skool what made you come to this site? I see you've been here for a lil while though.
  12. An outlet. None of my RL friends (aside from two old high school friends who live in other states and also grow) know that I grow. This gives me an opportunity to share my experiences and hopefully inspire a few others to break the shackles of outragous ripoff dealer prices and grow their own.
  13. I just smoke to relive to excess stress and not worry about a think and relax
  14. I prefer to be high rather than not high.
  15. that's good man, keeping the game on track.
  16. I smoke because I enjoy it. I enjoy the act of smoking as well as the high. Some of it is that I just like to get fucked up in a way that isn't going to damage my body. But IMO people who smoke a lot develop a personal relationship with the herb that can be hard to describe. At least, it's hard to describe for me lol. Or maybe I'm just really high; purps came through haha. :bongin:
  17. i smoke cause it gives me knowledge
  18. Because it makes everything that much better. Plus, it's better for your health than smoking cigarettes and the taste is phenomenal.
  19. I smoke because it helps my severe allergic reaction towards being sober.
  20. hahaha ya i heard thats fatal if not treated.

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