So Prop. 8 got upheld . . .

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  1. . . . and, damn, sucks for the homosexuals

    i guess that's just how the dice rolls

    what does everyone think about it?

    and if this was done already in another section of the forum, then i justify the making of this thread with the fact that i only ever look at general and pandora's box
  2. Well I guess it sucks to be gay.

    No pun intended.

    (no hate intended either, meant it sucks for them not being able to get married)
  3. Although it is bad that it was upheld, the constant media attention will hopefully give people understanding so that in the future things will change.
  4. I'll be completely honest... I don't really care one bit. It's just one of those things that is too controversial.

    I mean fuck.. I'm straight and DON'T want to get married.. fuckkk it yo!
  5. yup, sucks for them. at least all the couples that got married before november can remain married, but it still blows
  6. It's only a matter of time before gay marriage is legalized, so if I were gay I wouldn't be too worried about it. More and more people are starting to be accepting of gays and their right to marry, so like I said it's only a matter of time.
  7. I think it might be a good thing, given the reactions to Prop. 8 all over the country (and definitely in CA). Once gay marriage comes up to vote again next election CA voters will remember the outlash after Prop. 8, and it'll have a greater chance of being legalized again.

    Had Prop. 8 been shot down today the back-and-forth ballot initiatives to ban it would just spring up all over again, as a result of the pro-Prop. 8 voters feeling shortchanged because of the quick overturn. I think this route will result in gay marriage being legalized once and for all during the next election, as the younger generation becomes voting age and the older generation begins to die off.

    But I dunno, just some stoned rambling
  8. i really think that the fact they even have to pass something to have gays marry is ridiculous in the first place.

  9. It is when we live in a "free" country.
  10. eh, who cares lol
  11. Really?
  12. yeah, why not? i'm not gay, i don't care. It sucks but it doesn't really affect me. did i offend you man:eek:
  13. Why do they try to control fuckin people?? If someone wants to get fuckin married cause they are in love let them!! who gives a fuck?? why do people give ah fuck if it has nothin to do with them?? Shit is fuckin stupid!!! if they goin to do that they might as well say blacks and whites can't fuckin marry and seperate everyone again!! Fuck da U.S.!!
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    I'm glad that gays can't marry. I think there should be some kind of other recognized legal union for fags. Marriage is a very old tradition, and has always been between a man and a woman. It's the highest level of commitment possible, the highest tier of a normal relationship, and I don't want gays fagging it up.

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  15. i bet you don't like the fact that blacks are free either huh or interracial marriage huh?

  16. No. You're fucking stupid and missed the point entirely.
  17. wut?

    The highest tier of a normal relationship, available on dozens of gameshows for sluts who want a dude with money.

    Please, marriage is a travesty.
  18. True, it's value has eroded with the rise of feminism and divorce laws. Why make it any worse. It's still the highest of commitment a couple can aspire to.
  19. I didn't miss the point i was just askin fuckin question! No name callin on here either newbie or you'll be gone as quick as they took the gay people's right to marry!!

    Why would do you care if they get married or not? Isn't hurting you is it, or you just don't like the fact that that the same sex like each other....wehn i think about gay i think of women not men!! just don't want that thought in my head!
  20. What people do in the privacy of their own home is noones business but theirs.

    If they want to celebrate their love by getting married, who should be able to tell them otherwise?

    Shits fucked up.

    I mean hell, people marry pets and shit.

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    What a fucking sacred institution, right?

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