So Pissed!!

Discussion in 'General' started by BlazedOfficial, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. A couple weeks ago I bought this bubbler which I really loved, I even made a thread about it (my first bubbler) and really thought it was amazing...

    So yesterday night I was sick and didn't smoke for a week so I decided to toke up a bowl or two before going to sleep (there was people at my house so I couldn't go outside or smoke a joint). So I went to the basement bathroom, packed a bowl and filled the bubbler with water.

    Water + Glass = slippery.. FUCK
    it slipped out of my hands and exploded on the floor god damnit
    and I always thought that people who broke their pieces didn't take care of their shit, now it happened to me... I judged too quickly lol

    I was so pissed... and I couldn't even smoke lol
    luckily no one's here today so I can smoke like I want :D Stone Time !!!!! :smoking: :smoking:
  2. Aww bummer man.
    I remember the first pipe I ever broke. It was a short and fat glass bowl that looked like a bar of soap that I bough if some hippie kid. I feel your pain, brother.
  3. Yes the Glass Gremlins eventually gets everyone...

    Welcome to the club...:wave:
  4. Omfg now my bong's slide/bowl just slipped out of my hands and broke WTF
  5. You got butterfingers, man.
    You'd be that guy I warn my friends to not let use their pipe.
  6. It happens.

    I just broke a bubbler a month ago.
  7. Thats messed up, dude. Now you're making me nervous. I am SO careful with my shit. Try to get another one :)
  8. that sucks op. coming from someone who smokes in their bathroom most of the time, and used to use a bubbler all the time, use a little paper cup to fill your next bubbler haha. keeps it dry
  9. [quote name='"MrBananagrabber"']You got butterfingers, man.
    You'd be that guy I warn my friends to not let use their pipe.[/quote]

    It never happened to me before... I was the one warning my friends all the time.

    Bad luck happens to anyone

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