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So pissed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WizTheKhalifa, May 12, 2011.

  1. so i went to check my plant today, which was growing quite well, starting to develop second set of leaves(just after seedling). I come to find that all the leaves are gone and its just a stem. Some kid found out and told like 3 kids and im thinking they were stupid enough to just take the leaves. Whoever did it better watch there back. Is it too late to plant a few more? temps are in mid 60's daily
  2. Grow another one in the exact same spot and spray it with cyanide or some other posion, and see what happenens......
  3. Before I started smoking weed I used to think the leaves were the good part, too, so I was always walking around mystified :confused: as to why one of the names for weed is 'bud'.

    Sorry about your plant. :(
  4. Fucking kids... Don't parents teach them anything these days? New health subject: "How to properly grow weed so you don't fuck it up for the rest of us." But... that might offend some parents/raise some concerns.

    Well shit... nevermind.

    Fuck little kids.
  5. Dumbasses... Set up a surveillance system, come back when they show up and scare 'em away pretending to be a drug kingpin.
  6. how do you know kids took it, and the exact number?
  7. I'm on my iPhone and geocaching is a bitch sooo this is a one time thing but...... SWIM planted on mothers day and the babies is doing quite well. I was always told to do it on mothers day anyway. Last year it worked well. Harvested in october

    Im not laughing at you bro, im laughing becuase there is 2 kids somewhere trying to get high off some baby marijuana leaves.
  9. plant them again then wait for them to come back and kill them.
  10. plant a new one in a new spot and don't tell anyone,NOT A SOUL!!!
  11. Call me up, ill watch your plants for only 1/4 of the end weight. I dont leave my spot i stay awake 18 hours of the day. But then no one messes with the land mines,bear traps,and sirens that i will put down.
  12. #12 CinnaSquares, May 12, 2011
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    Oh that's a great idea... Let's just let everyone hear explosions, sirens, and screaming kids caught in a bear trap. Wonder who will show up to see the illegal growing operation? (Po-Po)
  13. #13 Supporter31, May 12, 2011
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    But they'll get caught by the zombie backup guards. Everyone has some of those on their payroll.
  14. Sorry but that's funny. LOL. I can't imagine walking up to my plant and seeing only a stem. HAHAHA.
  15. Yeah, .. Ta get away with it, .. .. *( Pillage of Ones Illegal Goods ) .. are hard ta report .. .. so whatchamacallit ta Do do is, ..

    Have Multiple " PLOTS " .. ..

    when ya gather, .. ya will have lost around 25% ta Peeps .. ..

    But ya Gain, .. .. 75 % .. ..

    :D .. .
  16. You dont have to say swim. It doesnt protect you at all, if you do think that then your a dumbass. Sorry dont mean to come off as a dick but the truth can hurt sometimes.
  17. But ya DO, .. .. Come off like a Dick .. ..

    Not saying " YOUR A DICK " .. .. :rolleyes:

    Just saying .. .. .. :hello:
  18. those stupid ass kids must've been beginners because if i saw a plant outside... WITH NO BUD ON IT, i sure as hell am not gonna even go thru all the trouble just to pick the fuckin leaves off!! if anything i would've taken me a clone but thats about it

  19. exactly what happened.

  20. I'm fully aware of the fact that I don't have to say swim. But if you knew about some of the shit that gets said and or texted on my phone you'd probably be a little paranoid too, especially because apple sells information to the cops about guerrilla goes.

    P.S. I am on MY computer right now and I have a grow op in random woods currently. If you want I will give the exact longitudinal and latitudinal location where MY grow op is. MINE

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