So People are Complaining about The Politics Section

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aaronman, Sep 23, 2010.

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  1. Many blades hate the politics section, including mods. One in particular used to post here all the time back when Obama was still popular, but now he hates it and wants it gone.

    What has the politics section become?


    I don't think it will last much longer, and we will soon be back in clutter of the General forum.
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    a shit throwing contest


    although, i do enjoy reading the news articles some people post up. i find it more relevant to me than what other websites would provide. but once any "discussion" is involved... well, there isn't much discussion, just name calling.
  3. An online replica of real life politics.

    And the most hilarious board to lurk.
  4. Have you been to the politics sections of other forums?
  5. I don't know about those people. But I love the politics section. I'm on here all the time.

  6. Difficult if you are not a libertarian...:D

    When i am on GC i spend most of my time in the politics section so i am a fan...
    I think some blades need to chill and not be so harsh on "politics section virgins"
    Just because someone does not share your views should not be reason to insult/laugh at them..

    Fake Edit: Aaronman does not fall into this category. He is a respectful and helpful blade.
    Just saying in case it is picked up wrong seeing as he is the OP..
  7. the other forums i frequent don't have a politics section, but i'm sure if they did it would be a shit throwing contest as well. actually now that i think about it i don't really frequent any other forums anymore.

    unless i wanna talk about other drugs. :rolleyes:

  8. Are you kidding? The GC politics section is a juggernaut in mainstream political discourse! It's a trendsetter and a kingmaker and it's beyond anyone's control now, even the administration. They can only acquiesce.

    ...Or not. I like it, though, and I hope it stays, FWIW. :confused_2:
  9. even with the shit throwing it is one of the few things that make me even want to think. good discourse, appropriate level of name calling, good mix of curmudgeons and dreamers....all and all i like it. it's my favorite section since the box got neutered.
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    I agree to an extent, there is certainly a level of elitism that a lot of blades hold themselves to which is really funny and really not at the same time.

    I know a lot of people are naive or uneducated on certain 'facts' and 'truths' (including myself) but a lot of it boils down to perception. But the way some of us choose to 'educate' is rude, condescending, and does not help at all. It just creates more bullshit as it does in "political reality".

    People are manipulated, lied to, led to hate, and led to intolerance.

    Why waste time and effort in what you may believe is utter stupidity, why participate in situations that only lead to the same results.

    I've learned new things in the politics section from reading thought provoking, smart discussions and debates. Actual debates not the bullshit.

    If the clatter is ignored then they might choose to actually read, and research topics being discussed in actual debates and conversations. But nah ...let the bullshit reign.
  11. I really hope you're wrong.
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    Quite frankly, I've been generally disappointed in it for a while now. There have been some good discussions here, but most all of them have come and gone for some time. I haven't really seen much that's especially thought provoking in a while.

    What I do see a lot of is partisanship and demagoguing. I see a lot of useless and/or uninteresting threads relatively often. I see a lot of delicate posters, even in this very thread; people who require you to equip kid gloves before speaking to them, lest you end up coming off as too direct or blunt. I take no pleasure in insulting people, especially people I do not really know one way or another; but if you post something moronic, be prepared to be called a moron. If I wanted to have to sugarcoat everything I said, I'd go speak to kindergarteners. I see a lot of ignorance; which isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless it is ignorance posing as wisdom, in which case it just gets annoying.

    This is not to say it is all bad. There are some decent threads, discussions and posters here too. After all, I frequent the politics section for a reason. I do wish there were more discussion about political philosophy and the like--I don't find very much of this anymore. And the philosophy section tends to be filled with claims of supernatural powers, as opposed to any actual philosophizing. So, if the politics section is indeed dissolved, I don't foresee myself frequenting this forum very much any longer.

    With as much as I disagree with, debate with, and contend with posters like smokinp (even with his lunacy!)--I still value their contributions as posters, believe it or not, regardless of how heated a discussion may get. I think some people fail to realize that if a debate is taking place, heated or not, that generally means there's someone interested enough to bother posting in the first place. After all, if there is no conflicting ideas, there is no progression of those ideas.
  13. I think some people have bought into propaganda to an extrodinary level.

    They have internalized it and made it a part of their identity.

    So whenever someone critisizes something they take so personally, anger happens and then rage explodes all over the boards.

    Instead of open minded logical thinking, people fall back on preconcieved notions because they see other champion a postion and they want to join in. And so begins the shit storm......
  14. Alot of people here seem like they just want the opposition to shut up.
  15. Closed minds strive to close mouths.
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    Age and experience can be an asset, I used to think similarly to the way some of the people on the politics forum do - but I never would have tried to silence anybody the way that some do on here

    On this board, there are people older than myself who are immature, and younger ones who are often very together.

    Just because a person has an opinion that differs is not a valid excuse to attack them personally.

    I have suggested that they get rid of the rep system in Politics, or enable an option for members to not have to be subjected to it. Another solution is to only allow positive rep.
  17. I like the politics sections as it is. No changes needed.

    Politics is ALWAYS a shit slinging contest. Everywhere you go, one side is trying to shit on the other. Thats not going to change about politics no matter what you do to change it in a forum. People will constantly think the idea they subscribe to is CORRECT above all others.

    This may seem like a negative thing, but look at what the more even keeled people get out of it. People are driven to provide proof of what they are speaking about, they are forced to think about the concepts they are putting forward, in order to articulate them. We are brought news resources, news articles, and information by the people who know, and the people who don't are able to find this information here and talk about it.

    Even when dronetek posts an article that 3/4 of the people responding think is ridiculous (yes im naming names grow up, im not insulting anyone, i respect drone for continuing to share info despite what he gets in return for it.) AT THE VERY LEAST he is showing us something that we might not have seen otherwise.

    I say let the more extreme sides throw shit all day, it does not really hurt anyone, and those people whom are able to acquire good useful information from the caca sliding down the walls will benefit (despite the smell in the room.)
  18. I'm relatively new. I like it, but I generally tend to stay out of debates now (as opposed to a month or two ago), because I've realized that i'm only 19, and my somewhat-naivety, and not full education, shows in my posts. I still like to believe that I could hold myself in a debate though.

    Now I just watch and learn.
  19. I like it, its fun debating although I may not be too good. Its nice being able to argue with people with all types of opinions :hello:.
  20. GC taught me to grow but I spend most of my time in the politics section.

    This forum is also partly instrumental in the switch to my current ideology.

    Why is this such a bad forum? Lots of good stuff goes on here.
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