So Pandoras Box sucks now

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Ak4, May 15, 2010.

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  1. It's been quite awhile since I've been on GC but before I stopped coming I just hung out in the Box. Loved all the content there but now it's all locked down hard. Came back last night looking for some info on alternatives to coffee filters for CWE and found you can't post without admin approval and all the threads are "what are you on" or appreciation threads. Pretty lame now.

    I suppose I'll have to stick to the slow moving 420chan for other drug related boards now =/
  2. yeah pandora is so strict its not even fun anymore.
  3. it is to fun you fucking ninnies
  4. pandoras box has always sucked for me

    most of it is talking about drugs I haven't even heard of
  5. It's still better than the alternative, which was to get rid of it.

  6. Just had to quote it so this truth is spread.
  7. the appreciation threads are kind of worn out and take up majority of the first page. need more trip reports and stories.
  8. It's better than what it used to be, be happy man. I can't be happy with all of the restrictions, but it's really helping out the site by keeping stuff from becoming too suspicious.

    EDIT: By "used to be," I mean when it was people spam making threads asking for dosage advice and stuff.

  9. agreed, they should have a forum just for trip reports like on

  10. The Box doesnt suck, your search abilitys do.

    Instead of being lazy and creating a new thread every time you have a qeustion, click the "search this forum" button. You would have found 3 alternatives to coffee filters in threads linked in the first two pages of results :rolleyes:

    You would probably would have found the answer out quicker than waiting for responses to the thread aswell. Seriously Lazy, but you still have the energy to make a whine thread.
  11. Yeah the Box does suck now. Not because I was unable to make a thread about CWE filters but because you have to be approved by an admin/mod, all the threads are just appreciation threads and there is no real discussion anymore.

    They should just make a sticky linking to 420chan, a board that isn't completely locked down. Plus it would be nice to have more people posting there.
  12. I think the sticky regarding the guidelines are pretty clear regarding posting in there. You can discuss other drugs in existing threads within the guidelines.
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