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So, ordering some stuff online. Advice wanted please :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Moosieman, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Ok, well there aren't any LHS near me,so I was gunna order online from Amazon or GrassCity. Help me pick one?

    Amazon ships quicker, but could I get discreet boxes/packages somehow? I don't need my parents knowing what I'm ordering, because it would just be awkward.

    I realize Grasscity takes a while to ship, but do they have discreet shipping? If Amazon has some way to gget discreet shipping, ill forsure go with them, so any advice? Or info?

    TL;DR: does amazon have discreet shipping? And how do I get it?
  2. If you are in fact ordering from the Amazon store, and not one of the many affiliates who sell through their site, you will get a brown box with the Amazon logo on it. It will probably say "fragile", but that's the most suspicious thing it will have.

    But, if you are ordering it through one of the vendors who sell through the Amazon site, for all I know, you could get a box with giant marijuana leaves on it.
  3. Im not hating on GC. But i dont think i would buy anything off of amazon either. Try grasscity.
  4. I've ordered from grasscity .com Most websites will ship their items in postel packages or boxes depending on how much you're purchasing.
    None of the insides will be shown and the package will probably say "FRAGILE."

    Grasscity normally screws CUSTOMS over by putting "Glass artwork. FRAGILE" on their boxes. Haha.
  5. I'm pretty sure it says somewhere on grasscity it has discreet shipping. But ive ordered from both and they both have boxes fun of packing peanuts and its just a plain brown box. It doesn't say what it is on the box or labels or anything either. There is usually an invoice in the box. So, either but grasscity has nicer stuff. Its worth the wait.
  6. Is the vendor the selling of the product? Like, 1.25 roller by zigzag. Would zigzagbe the vendor? Or the shipped from persson? Could I ask them ssome how for a plain box? Or would i be bbetter off going with Gc store?
  7. I will have to check out grasscity. Never been. Do they accept greendot?
  8. EDIT is by far the best. Fast shipping, easy payment, discreet shipping. The box doesn't say anything besides FRAGILE.
  9. Thanks Blades. You're all Fucking awesome. Toke on brethren.
  10. Two words, aqua lab.
  11. No headshop will ship a package with CONTENTS: GLASS MARIJUANA PIPE (FOR MARIJUANA) on the side. It will be really discreet, most places won't even print the company's name on the box. If it has to go through customs, customs might post the contents of the box on the side.
  12. I bought the Mad Scientist bong last year from GC shop. When I got the package it had a stamp on from customs that said, "Contents: Glass Pipe."

    Not that big of a deal really. It's for tobacco use after all. :) I don't think they would waste time to track someone for buying a bong/pipe. They're mainly looking for actual drugs or explosives.
  13. I like grasscity for two reasons. A) Cheaper products B) the shipping cost calculator at the checkout :bongin:
  14. I ordered from here and it came with white tape around the box saying "Fragile - Glass". Then I opened it up and smoked out of it

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