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  1. OK, So lets start this up, I want to know what other plants I can grow inside my veg/flowering rooms, I have a little space. On a side note, What plants could possibly be vegged like a mother? I'd like to start something early and move it outdoors. Any ideas?
  2. im not sure, on this one, but i would say lost of herbs.

    Basil, rosemerry maybe that sort of nature.

    Maybe plants like tomatoes too depending if they need a light cycle.

    Evil :smoke:
  3. I wanted to grow strawberries before growing weed ever crossed my mind, sadly strawberries don't grow very well in hydro setups :( maybe I'll practice my soil skills with strawberries

    I heard tomatoe plants are very similar to cannabis, so you could probably grow a tomotoe plant the exact same way as marijuana. Can't say for sure though
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    I grow a Critronella Geranium and a Medusa Pepper or Christmas pepper as other wise known in my veg and they just love the 24/0 hrs of light! Strawberries can be done inside but it takes alot of room. I tried in my garage this winter and well... my truck won.

    savories and mints do good. and work against anwanted smells. Lemon balm or anything like that should do well... and again... help with unwanted smells.

    Just about anything can be grown indoors if the conditions are right! look for something that enjoys full sun and a slight humidity and you should do fine!

    Good luck in exploring your green thumb!
  5. How would you do strawberries inside? What about other berry plants? Is it pretty much light and soil for that, can you give them nutes? What kinda light would do they like?
  6. Depends on the strawberry. You have two main breads. JuneBearing and everbearing.

    Both can be grown in five gallon buckets. Both require lots of light (6500 k+) and work. some require a freeze or to be Hardened to produce fruit.

    June bearing requires the stress of high heat and abundant water in june to fruit.

    all strawberries ship out runners and taps for new roots. you can train these up a tomatoe cage or cut them off, but if you cut them thats less fruit to harvest.

    If you dont want to live with a bee hive you have to do the polinating yourself or you will never see fruit.

    I use a 4-1-3 and a 7-28-4 the first for veging growths and the last when I start fruiting. havnt had any complaints yet from my berries, or my Cannabis.

    LOTS OF LIGHT! Full light 16/8 split works good for hours on/off with your light.

    as for other berries you might be able to do like a blueberry or something. I am unsure. I know raspberry plants have to be a certain size before they produce. which could be a problem if space is. most berries even strawberries require a slightly acidic soil and good drainage!

    I hope this helps a lil more.
  7. Thanks for the responses. Gives me quite a few ideas to work with.

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