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So no one else has ever smoked "Chop" Before???????

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hashmouf, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Has anyone ever smoked "Chop"???? I have never seen anyone else mention it on the forums and I was wondering am I the only one????.............

    I Learned of this method of smoking back in the early 90's..It is a traditional South east Asian style of smoking, mostly used by Cambodian and Lao people.

    This is how its done....

    The weed is chopped very finely on a spacial board called a "medicine board" its made from a tree that only grows in Cambodia or Laos. (But any wood chopping board will do.)

    Once the weed is finely chopped almost powder like, the tobacco is added about half as much as the weed. the tobacco is copped to the same consistency of the weed and they are mixed until well blended.

    The tool of choice is a all natural bong made from pure bamboo except the bowl. The bowl fits snuggly in the stem but can be pulled out with for packing and chamber clearing.

    The bowl is lightly pressed on the pile of weed/tobacco mix and a bowl is nicely packed. The bowl is lit slowly as you gradually inhale until the whole bowl is cherry red, then you Kill the bowl sucking it through until the bowl is empty....

    That basically is how you smoke "Chop" Has anyone else ever heard of or smoked like this????

    The high is quick and intense from the tobacco of course, but the fine chopped weed gets completely burned and the hit is thick with THC as well as nicotine give instant delivery to the brain, it is very staisfying....I do not really advocate tobacco mixed with weed besides blunts, but smoking chop out of bamboo is the best way to smoke cigarette tobacco combined with weed, hands down.

    I am all about my glass, and swishers now a days....But I plan to build a traditional Lao bamboo bong and show folks how another culture has smoked for hundreds of years.
  2. Kind of like a Keif bowl pack?
  3. Yup, pretty much and kief can be packed on top for an extra wallop :D
  4. haha, but tobacco= ewwww.. only blunts my friend, only blunts
  5. I've never done it like that, but I have def smoked tobacco with weed. I was smoking a nice spliff last night actually. I like it so much more without tobacco though
  6. duude i've done that before !!

    i have bamboo growing next to my house and i chopped one down let it dry and then chopped it too about a foot and a half. bamboo actually has chamber like stalks its really cool.

    +rep for the explanation hashmouf
  7. so its pretty much just smoking out of a bamboo bong?

    This doesnt sound too exotic. lol.
  8. I was watching on you tube a Jamaican weed music video and they where chopping up the weed real fine and packed it without the tobacco and where smoking it out of a huge hooka looking wooden thing. looked bad ass
  9. Cool method to smoke man. Next time I come across some bamboo I'll definitely try this. + rep
  10. sometimes i look at my glass collection and wish i had some hand carved wooden things with which to get funky
  11. Its really not as bad as you think, I used to do it a lot in my younger years when good weed was less available but in todays world with all the dank access we have it is now better the ever smoking chop with some good dank is as tasty as can be the tobacco is not even a factor in taste it is even lighter the smoking a blunt. Im a blunt man myself but a good chop is always a treat.

    It may sound odd at first but if you tried it I guaruntee it would grow on you.
  12. The bong and bowl must be made a special way do you know how to build one?
  13. Yeah bro totally, I owned a nice bamboo piece way before I own some premium glass, But it was herd to find nice glass back then so I chose the natural option. But even though I have a RooR now I still appreciate the original craftsmanship that was used before glass even existed....
  14. I have heard of some people doing it how you described but using glass bongs instead of bamboo. I have never tried it but it sounds tempting
  15. No quite as simple, it has much more technique then that.
  16. Yeah thats not really the same, the pores of the bamboo seem to ease the tobacco taste, smoking tobacco out of glass is just plain wrong.
  17. that's nothing new. its called a mole
  18. Yeah chop is about 10 times better.
  19. I never said it was something new I said I had been smoking like this for over 10 years and others hundreds of years longer then that....and what the hell is a mole???? I guarantee it is nothing alike.
  20. im excited sounds wild

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