So Nervous About Tomorrow

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  1. Yeah it gets expensive. That's the worst. I had to pay $2000 when I got my wisdom teeth out. I haven't been for a couple of years but I never get cavities.... It sucks not having dental insurance. 
    My dentist has TVs to watch. Its kinda neat. There's not much to fear they numb you so you cant feel anything. But I've never had a bad experience.
    Having oral surgery sucks though... I barely remember it because of the drugs.. but the pain after was horrible.

  2. Well I'm here guys... Super nervous. Feel like im going to have an anxiety attack
  3. Aw, good luck!! It'll be ok. I too am TERRIFIED of the dentist, thankfully I have good teeth, but I recently fell and broke my face. I needed dental plastic surgery and I had a panic attack on my way into the OR, needless to say it went just fine. lol
  4. God.. My heart is racing.. They just did xrays.
  5. Put your phone away man lol your going to be fine and better off in the end after you get these fixed.

    I just got filings on wed and they already came out I think on wed lol the side of my face was numb longer than I had the fillings ha.

    Best of luck!
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    Ok guys I'm done. Good news. I have 3 very small cavities just in the enamel. I'm going to come back and he's just going to seal them or something. Not. Much drilling needed.

    However he did say that he would advise me to get my 2 bottom wisdom teeth pulled bcuz they popped through a little. I'm nervous as Fuck about that. I have a fear of being put to sleep like I'll have a bad reaction or something. He said they just do an iv sedation and im awake but have no idea what's going on and I won't remember? Wtf.. Idk what to do about them. He said he would have to send me to an orthopedic surgeon or something to have it done bcuz they are real close to the nerve..
  7. I would not want to be left awake, regardless of not feeling it or knowing what's happening. I was put to sleep for my surgery, I had two molars and the two wisdom teeth on my right side taken out, I started going for appointments for some fakir teeth so I'm not toothless and I don't wanna go ]: good luck. It's not as bad as you may think.
  8. Got, all four of mine pulled and went to sleep. It was actually fucking awesome lol say get it done as soon as possible, this way itwon't be as problem later on which can get worse.

    I don't even remember the surgery out the car ride home.getting my wisdom teeth pulled was better them being cavities filed in my eyes.
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    Okay here's the deal, I'm somewhat in the same boat as you. Skipped the dentist all year last year. I checked in and they found out some serious problems with gums. I thought what they were gonna do to fix it would be painful but seriously it's the easiest thing in the world to get through. There's no reason to pull a tooth unless the entire root is infected in which most often they'll seek to root canal - which you'd know if you needed a root canal. Get it fixed ASAP so it isn't a big problem later, they get worse not better. A filling isn't terrible (the worst part is the shot of Novacaine which you almost never feel anyways) and I have a huge phobia of the dentist. If you can afford another ~$60 for the treatment they can hook up with nitrous and you'll be feeling 'calm as a Hindu cow' before your treatments.
  10. Yeah I put off one of my teeth until it hurt really really bad, went in taht same day and they had to do a root canal. I am terrified of dentist work but it was really nothing. Always go get it taken care of because it always gets worse, more expensive and more pain. One of my wisdom teeth has broken pretty good, I have no pain but it has broke a lot. I still need to go get my two wisdom teeth pulled, not looking forward to that.
  11. at least you dont have a wisdom tooth coming in under a molar....shit sucks. i need to go get them taken care of but im too poor for that.
  13. This is why I like free health care. i hope everything went well, im lucky that ive never had any major dental problems

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