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  1. Tomorrow morning I have a dentist appointment. I haven't been to the dentist in a few years. Maybe about a year ago I discovered a cavity on my back molar and just shined it on. I was broke at the time so I couldn't afford to go to the dentist anyway. Well a few days ago I started thinking about it again so I took a couple pics of my mouth and spotted a 2nd cavity on my top back molar. It doesn't look real bad but I'm worried that the dentist is going to have to pull my tooth out or some shit. The teeth don't hurt at all so I'm hoping it's not very severe. I developed generalized anxiety disorder about a year ago and I never know how I will respond to situations like this.
  2. u be ok little guy
  3. Can i get a hell yeah for free health care? HEEEELLLL YEEEAAHHHH
  4. Let him do what he must to fix that.don't want it to get any worse then it is. Also I think theres a thread bout cavities and some vitamins that prevent em, if I remember correctly.
  5. He may have to, honestly though dental work nowadays is nothing man,  If you go in for anything really discomforting you'll usually get put under or sedated or calmed in some way and a bottle with maybe a refill of hydro.
    It's kinda of a win win if you look at it that way.
  6. Just the thought of those sharp metal things grinding/poking my teeth gives me anxiety. Fuckkkkkk
  7. I also have a fear of being put under lol. Hopefully he will just give me a shot to numb my gums.
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    Teeth are expensive! Don't let them go to shit. I did that, I had a molar rotting out a big hole in the center and the sides started breaking off, hurt so bad I couldn't sleep or even think when I was awake. Don't let it get out of hand, it'll lead to all kinds of problems, there was an infection in the jaw and gums and my lip swelled up, it looked like I got punched. If I took care of it when it was a cavity it would have cost $100, but since I let it go It cost about $1000 for a root canal and a full gold crown plus all the damn pain for months and months on end until I got it done, it was SUCH a relief. I still need my wisdom teeth pulled, should have done it like 5 years ago, and that's gonna be $2500 or so. No bueno.
    I also have anxiety about everything, sometimes just looking at people sets it off. I have no idea why, but it's really annoying and keeps me from doing all kinds of social events. When I go to the dentist I bring my headphones and listen to pandora on a relaxing station like hooverphonic or supreme beings of leisure. It really helps to close your eyes and zone out, but keep the volume low enough that you can still hear them give you direction, but high enough that the sound of them drilling and picking at your teeth is washed out. It's weird, I'm not bothered by the drill or fingernails on a chalkboard, but things like styrofoam rubbing together bugs me. Them picking at my teeth is only annoying because of the pressure used, it feels like too much, but I always make it out alive, and my mouth is so clean and sexy when I'm done I quickly forget the small annoyance of the tools.
    If you start going to the dentist now it's way better, but they're still going to have to (if you let them, but it's pretty much a necessity) get a cleaning, fix any soft spots that you CAN'T see that will also turn to cavities, they'll start taking out any metal fillings and redoing them with some kind of ceramic... something to do with mercury? and they'll measure your gum recession. That's the most annoying part, they stick a poker in between your gums and tooth three times on each tooth on the inside and out to measure how much gum is attached to tooth. It's dull, not sharp, but still a little painful. They will numb your gums for a filling.
  9. Yeah man as long as they don't have to pull my teeth out or anything it will probably cost like $500. Thanks dad. I definitely plan on bringing headphones. What would the dentist do if I showed up drunk? Haha. I have to drink before I fly and that's a lot easier then this.
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    If you're sloppy drunk that's bad, but if you have had AH drink to take the edge off then you'll be fine. Call and ask though just in case.
    Just let them know you had one to relax, they need to know this stuff if they have to give you any meds, shots or NO2-O2 (laughing gas). Alcohol also thins the blood, so if they're going to be doing anything drastic, like pulling a tooth, they'll need to know why you're a little bit extra bloody.
  11. Yeah I might have a couple and that's it. Do you think I'd be in a lot of pain if it was severe enough for a root canal? One tooth is a little sensitive but that's it.
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    Yeah, if you needed a root canal that's because the root is all dead and or infected. That's major pain. If it's just a little sore then its just a cavity that's hitting the nerve endings in the upper part of the tooth.
  13. Alright so it sounds like I can relax
  14. thats'll be fine hahaha
  15. last time i got anxious like this, they gave me some shit and i was fuckin gigglin the whoooooole time. ask for some 'laughing gas'
  16. tell your dentist you are extremely nervous and have anxiety.
    they have medication at most dental offices to help with that type of thing.
  17. Shit bro I gotta go too, if only to get my teeth bleached and tarter scrapped off. I've honestly only ever been to the dentist twice in my life. once when I was 13 and once when I was 19. Dunno if it was just the dentist and whatever the "nurse" dentist is called trying to get all the money they can out of me(These two were fine as fuck and hitting on me the whole time. I went there straight after a shift of my dishwashing job. No way they were sincere).  They made up a list totally near 5k saying I needed to get four filling for cavities, all my molars pulled, teach cleaned (well obviously), teeth bleached, and some other things I couldn't remember. The only things I took out of there( am 22 now) is that I have really sensitive teeth. I think. I did when I went because I was in so much pain(more annoying than painful) but then I started using toothpastes for sensitive teeth(even though all the ingredients are the same as ones not labeled for sensitive teeth) and have not had a problem since. 
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    Yeah, the bills can rack up quick, like the hot bartender, they were playing you up! A yearly cleaning and bi yearly checkup is all you need if you take decent care of your teeth. Some people never go and have fine teeth! Bleaching is cosmetic, and some smokers and coffee drinkers care about that. I use whitening toothpaste and have used home whitening kits, but that was long ago. Pulling all your molars sounds ridiculous though! maybe just four wisdom teeth, and thats about $500 each and they only know for sure AFTER you get an xray. Some people never have problems with them and leave them in. I know people whose wisdom teeth grew back!
    I go to a nicer part of town to get my work done, and I'm by no means rich. They do over charge.
    This is about how much they charge, and I pay out of pocket, so that's even worse! I also rarely went to the dentist as a kid, so my teeth were a mess! A bunch of cavities, root canal, thick plaque, etc. I'm all fixed up and sexy now, it's worth it!
    check ups are $70
    cleanings are $100
    fillings are about $250
    xrays are $25 each
    bitewing xray (side teeth) are about $60
    panoramic xray (all teeth) $125
    emergency pre root canal just to stop the pain because I didn't have enough for a real one and I let that one get gross and infected and painful and smelly (OH GAWD THE SMELL) $225
    root canal was $1000
    full gold crown was $1000 (years ago when gold was cheaper)
    crown prep work was $225
  19. I had a cavity once that I just ignored. Was always busy didn't really think much about it. Shit started to hurt. Eventually my whole tooth was breaking. So I knew it was gonna have to be pulled. So I got it pulled. I have to say it doesn't really hurt so there's nothing to be worried about. They numb your mouth good. Shit getting my other cavities filled hurt more then that. Anyways maybe smoke a bowl before you go to ease the nerves.
  20. Coincidentally I have appointment with my dentist today. 
    I'm not worried about the physical pain and discomfort, but I'm just worried about the bill. 
    Dentists are fucking expensive... 

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