So my voice is almost gone..

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  1. and I'm supposed to be hanging out/getting drunk with this girl tonight. But I can barely talk! I took some medicine for soar throat, but it didn't really help. How can I get my voice back?

    I really don't want to cancel my plans because of my voice..
  2. Who needs to talk?

    All you gotta do is listen bro that's all girls want anyway
  3. Honey is good for your throat, also gargling water with aspirin dissolved in it will help with swelling.
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    ^^^too funny.

    Also, just say you smoked a lot... if she's down with that... :smoking:

    Salt water gargle, drink water/gingerale, orange juice/vitamin c tabs AND green tea, popsicles, halls then vicks and hot shower/bath, if you're stuffed up too. Shouldn't hurt either way? Hardcore, start now n!gga.

    P.S. boy make that drank a Hot Tottie! (B Feel better and get dat pussy!
  5. not really i have had girls ask why i dont talk to them before lol
  6. The joke

    Your head
  7. Alotta girls like talking about themselves. All you gotta do is ask a intriguing question, and let her talk for 5 minutes. Listen carefully, then ask another good question about herself based upon what she said to your last question. Women will appreciate a man who will take the time to listen to them.
  8. I didn't ask for advice on getting laid. I just want my fucking voice back
  9. [quote name='"HBGBUB"']Who needs to talk?

    All you gotta do is listen bro that's all girls want anyway[/quote]

    What he said

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