so my town ended the dank drought

Discussion in 'General' started by stonerobot, Sep 11, 2009.

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    So I have been trying to get dank for so long like. It happen ever blue. Moon, but now its like we got a lot of dank now. Me and my friends smoke some og kush
    ,c99,and a mystery bug but it taste like lemon tonight. 3 different in one night
  2. Not ragging on you, but is English your first language?

  3. he talk normal. you just live in utah.
  4. This could definitely be the problem :laughing:
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    Damn, I really want what he's smoking on. Must be some dank shiiiit, or this guy is from Russia or something. Or both, really - he could be a very stoned Russian.

    I like the title - "the town ended the dank d(r)ought". It's like the city council got together and voted to bring back the dank back into town because they were tired of smoking that dirt weed.
  6. damn.. that explains alot for me too. :\

  7. Lol id like to know.
  8. I vote stoned russian
  9. yea its my first language. Last night I smoked a blunt of each nug, so I was pretty high. It doesn't help that I got a new phone yesterday so I can't use the touch screen to well.its a pretty hard thing to do when your super high. Lol
  10. Its like a whole different person, lulz.

  11. 100% :hello:
  12. oh its dank and no I'm not Russian. I'm just a guy that was in space last night.
  13. Lol my posting is all over the place when I'm on my phone.

  14. Yea I was gone last night. But I'm liking the dank. All my friends have different nug, so were covered right now. Just gotta save some for a rainy day
  15. ay yo lets kick it homie i was gone all day yesterday my bad
  16. yea its pretty hard, I gotta learn how to use the touch screen.
  17. that c-99 was fuckin dank shit.
  18. O
    yea. It was I feel good right now.

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