So my sister is visiting

Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. Shes the coolest. Anyway, shes a church going woman, has 3 kids, mid 30's (doesn't really look a day over 22). It's funny though.. she have peace stickers, bob marley, and greatful dead stickers on her car. (hmm..?) And a few minutes ago, she asked me where are some head shops around here *that was way out of left field*. I don't know if she smokes, she really doesn't seem like the kind of person to, but then on another level it seems that would be the only way for her to be. She's confusing. But I'm debating whether or not to ask her if she does. I know she knows I do, my parents know, everyone knows, we just don't ever speak of it, and never have, it's understood. But yea.. to ask her.. and possibly smoke with her... or not.. hmm... what would you doooo?
  2. Dude, she asked where a headshop is! Unless shes looking for some tapestries or a t-shirt or something, chances are shes looking for a piece. Or just trying to get you to ask her if she smokes. She definately does man, she has to. Ask her!
  3. yeah maybe she wants to toke up with her little brother, just go for it, .........Peace out........Sid
  4. Id ask...for sure, even if she doesnt, whats the worst thing that could happen?
  5. Yea she blazes. We burned one down yesterday. Well I'm j/k but that headshop comment makes me think she does, ask her, it couldn't hurt if she already knows you do.
  6. ASK HER MAN!!!!
  7. Ok I'll ask! But she's not here now... I'll have to wait. It's a shame I'm broke.. maybe I can still get some weed on the front. Thanks for the advice! :)
  8. If she asked you about a headshop, maybe she was trying to see if you would catch on.. Maybe this is her way of trying to break the ice for her...

    Ask her.

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