So my R.A. is getting kicked out of housing

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  1. This bullshit.
    I'm a freshman in college in a liberal arts school in Vermont. My R.A. happens to be one of my good friends here at school and our whole floor is super upset about this. Basically, he was on probation (1st strike) a few weeks ago. This long weekend, some cunt R.D. knocked on a room we were partying in, talking about a noise complaint at 12:00am on a Saturday night. There were a few beers laying around and a watercup table was set up in the middle. Maybe tops 6 people in the room, NOT being loud. She proceeded to write up everybody in the room, including my R.A. who literally was pleading for his job. We had a 4 day weekend in which nearly everybody went home, including most R.A.s. This was his one weekend to be completely off duty and officially able to party with the rest of us but of course the ONE time he's actually able to rage with us, he gets in trouble. Anyway, I wrote a letter that I'm giving to our head of Student Life, it's pretty long if you don't want to read all of it, but I'd love some feedback on it.

    Names and shit are all changed up, but here it is:

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is MagicHat and I am currently a freshman living on the second floor of -----. I'm writing on behalf of my R.A. Eric. He didn't ask me to write this letter, but the situation that he has put himself into made me had to take some sort of action. I do understand that rules are there for a reason, and I know that the only reason why he's facing his troubles is because you cannot go back upon your words, but I feel like our floor has created a bond of principal, not rules. I understand the position of an R.A., I've been one myself. I ran a dorm of 36 male students during my senior year at ---- School, -----, Maine. If you know anything about -----, it's not like most other boarding schools. It's what most people would refer to as ‘therapeutic boarding school'. It stressed attitude over aptitude, principals over rules, and leadership. I know that being an R.A. is difficult task, but then again, we agreed to do it. We signed ourselves up and we were willing to sacrifice ourselves to make other's homes more comfortable and easy to live in.

    I've seen various types of leadership through my experiences, most of it from a position of entitlement which is usually just thrown aside and flawed. Eric's leadership is far different than what I've been used to seeing. It's clear that Eric actually cares about us. Since orientation, Eric has done nothing negative for the floor. We have a floor bond that is arguably, the strongest bond on campus and I credit that to Eric 100%. It was Eric's socials and his character that allowed us to feel comfortable in our homes and with each other. It was Eric that kept us out of trouble when we were being too loud. It was Eric that got an entire floor to Turtle Underground for some of our best nights together on ----- campus. I'm never afraid to knock on Eric's door, even if I know that he won't be happy to see me. To Eric, I'm never hesitant to ask questions that I would never ask anyone else. I strongly believe in character first because we always make mistakes but we rarely break principal.

    I know I speak for my whole floor when I say that kicking Eric out of Joyce housing is a bad idea. Firstly, that would be compromising the character of the floor. Without hesitation, I can say we have the cleanest, most respectable floor in freshman housing. It would be a disappointment to see any of that changed. I know that personally, I would not welcome a new R.A. A person of undeserved power will not get my respect. It was Eric who brought us together. It was Eric that gave his time all year for our benefit. It's Eric that is my R.A., title or not.

    I know that my letter won't change the outcome of the situation, and frankly, I'm not worried about the outcome. I know that regardless of Eric leaving or not, I have had the most rewarding freshman year I could have because I got to have Eric as not only my R.A. and a mentor, but my friend.

  2. There are a few grammatical errors but nothing too serious. :) However, I wasn't sure what the point of the letter was. I'm not trying to be a dick I'm just asking this as a writer. What are you trying to accomplish with this letter? And who is your audience?
  3. dont forget to spray the letter with perfume
  4. If that letter doesnt help nothing will. Have a few other people write letters like that. i just cant see anyone getting rid of him. You really think they will take his RN ness away for drinking with you guys?

    anyway he sounds like a really cool guy and your dorm life whould suck with out him.
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    Yo if you are really trying to get them to change their minds take shit like this out^^

    You don't want them to get the wrong idea. Don't try to passively make them feel bad about it. Be up front. Let them know that they can't kick him out. You won't allow it. Don't beat around the bush dude
  6. Dude that is like one of those inspirational monologues that are delivered in college/teen comedies that are actually good and inspirational.

    And I agree with LikeARocketship
  7. wow lets not be an english teacher here. This is a weed forum.
  8. sorry man he asked for some input/criticism. I'm just trying to help him write a good letter so he can try to save his friend. I'm not trying to be a dick or insult him
  9. I'm just trying to get the point across that when we lose him, we lose a lot of our comradeship. It's weird, but everybody on our floor is tight with eachother. It would be a shame to let him go. The letter is addressed to our dean of students and our director of residence life, hopefully the get the message.

    We've got about 15 letters similar to this I believe. He's an awesome guy and it would absolutely put a damper on my year if he got asked to leave.

    I got you. I was to put that in there, but I feel like it adds sentimental value. I'll do some editing to try to be less passive. Thanks!

    Thanks man, I appreciate it. It came from the heart.

  10. I was thinking weed.

    Maybe put a marijuana leaf and a few joints in it as a peace offering.
  11. have the entire floor sign a petition for him getting kicked out, a lot of signatures and a written statement can sometimes have an effect

  12. LMAO.
    Good Luck! You wrote a very good persuasive letter.
  13. your parents mustve hated you to name you magichat.

    or theyre wizards...
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    do you got to Burlington College or Champlain,,
    and where in maine you from did you RA at the
    Deck House School
    Gould Academy
    Hebron Academy
  15. If it is addressed to your dean of students, you should try to use some higher vocabulary. Break out the thesaurus and for some words that sound a little to simple or informal, just change it. Make it sound more business-like. I know it sounds silly but I once thesaurused like 75% of a paper once and I got a 99% on it. It really can help. If you take this route, make sure you post it again after you go and do all that. That way, we can look it over again and make sure it makes sense. Sometimes I'll change words out and the new word doesn't make sense haha

    Yeah I mean you can still say that it won't be the same without him and all that. But rather than being like "Oh you could kick him out but that would be real lame" be like "We will not sit by idly and allow our good personal friend and leader to be unjustly removed from our community"

    just a few tips ^_^
  16. Haha man I was pretty sure knew what school you we talkin about after reading the first sentence, then when you said you were in Joyce I laughed my ass off, I was 4th floor Joyce last year, 465. The ironic thing is our RA last year was a wicked chill kid, we smoked each other up all the time, and he got removed from RA duty after first semester too. Some drunken BB gun incident he was involved in on North Campus one nite. He was replaced and the new RA sucked ass. I'm not surprised your RA is gettin the boot too, he shoulda known better to be partying in the dorms he patrols after quiet hour, even if he was off duty. Also, I (sorta) remember what we did the weekend when most people go home. I had on display in my room a bunch of empty handles of cheap vodka from first semester, and after a few of us got smashed on some ill sangrea we brewed up, set up the empty handles in the hall and went bowling. I was awoken by security at 5 that morning face down passed out with my feet in my dorm, body in the hall, and my door wide open. They just told me to get in my room. Good Times. Oh, and did you know the attic in joyce is haunted? its true, google it. the hatch to the attic is right above the trach barrels in the middle of joyce on the 4th floor. We cut the chain to the door at the end of last year and had a huge smoke sesh up there. anyways good luck with your RA situation I hope the new one isnt a tool.
  17. What's an RA?
  18. Ouch, none of that's right.

    Thanks for the responses guys, I'll keep you all informed if anything good happens.

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