So my parents just caught me smoking...BUT!

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  1. So a few days ago i had been really really stoned and i put my bulb and lighter in my pants pocket. The next day my dad is rummaging through my stuff and finds it. They are pretty pissed (my mom, not my dad he said i should have asked him, he used to be a pretty big pothead himself). However, here is my story and the reason for the BUT. Freshmen year in HS i had a 2.8 gpa, pretty bad but it was a tough school (top 10 in the nation). Sophomore Year i struggled with depression of sorts and i had a 2.07. However, the summer between Sophomore and Jr year i started smoking alot. Able to relax and think with clarity, I maintained a 3.2 gpa throughout my junior year. This year, i finished the first semester (my senior year) with a 3.93 unweighted gpa (all AP's except for french :p). I got accepted into Boston College and can't wait to leave. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how to bring this point up to my parents, they are very oldschool and very INDIAN (IMO worse than asian parents). I know about the health benefits stuff but thats not my goal, i want to show them that its not affecting me, if anything its helping me. I also have my medicinal marijuana card so they can't quite say that I'm doing something illegal.

    Anyway thanks for the help and yes i know my grades blew but still i turned myself around and am going to a good university which i hope to transfer from to an Ivy, but thats another story entirely.
  2. dude fuck bringing it up to your parents, go away to college and blaze, no need to tell your parents and crap unless you wanna leave on a bad note having your parents know your going to be smoking at college
  3. i just want to know how you got a med card w/o your parents knowing?

    just say what you said here to them...your grades improved and shit, thats good enough
  4. Yeah so once you are 18 you don't need to tell your parents what you are doing, technically I'm an adult, so i went to my doctor, got the rec, and that was that. And ch3mdawg1904 they found my pipe and they aren't stupid, they caught my brothers before they left as well so they pretty much know, im just wondering what i can say to make them feel better about it. My mom has been brainwashed by the oldschool news and literally she cried when she found out. I don't want to put my parents through it yet at the same time i want to keep smoking. Call me selfish but still...
  5. Get a little tent in the back yard and then ask your dad if he wants to smoke the peace pipe.
  6. i dont think he meant that kind of indian
  7. yeah i meant east indian, i don't think my dad would smoke with me out of principle
  8. It's entirely likely your parents are near-indoctrinated on this subject, and I wouldn't recommend attempting to rationalize with them about weed.

    I've found that for many people who feel strongly against weed, their convictions are nearly religious. Look at it this way: the scientific facts about weed are readily available for anyone who has access to google. Similarly, the scientific facts about evolution are readily available to almost all fundamentalist Christians. Yet in both cases the believers willfully ignore, or purposefully remain ignorant of, (perhaps on a subconscious level) the available facts and persist in their beliefs.

    This doesn't make your parents bad people, on the contrary, they probably only got upset because they care very deeply for you. However, it does mean that "reasoning" with them will be about as useful as trying to "reason" with an "intelligent design" advocate.

    Just accept their feelings for what they are and keep your use quiet when they are around. Once you're on your own they won't know what you're up to anyway.
  9. I wouldn't bother trying to explain anything to them, parents will always be parents first.

    Instead, hide your future use for the remaining time you spend under their roof. If only out of respect for their rules.

    Go away to college and smoke yourself retarded :smoking:

    When you graduate, get a good job, fight to keep it, and live by your own rules :cool:
  10. My parents are the same, they grew up in a small town and think marijuana will fry your brain, and kill you. Obviously we know that isint true. Believe me, I've showed documentaries to my parents but they still turn it down. My advice is to keep a low profile, I hide my stuff in stash cans, I have discreet pipes, Ohh and I limit my stuff. Never have more than what you can carry
  11. I would say follow their rules and wait until you move out and just be real lowkey about smoking. Then when you go to boston college toke all day erry day =], but keep them grades up
  12. tell them and tell them y u felt like telling them but they can punish u under there roof leave first them do it mine caught me but im 18 and dont have enought cash to kove out they think i quit but when i leave ima tell them

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