so my neighbours growing males -.-

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Greenz4momma91, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Huge plants and Mennonite Breeding Project >>>>>>>Personal smoke
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  2. Getcha one of these..he will never be able to trace it back to you LMAO
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  3. No i disagree. Like i said they are straight edge people this isnt a massive grow hes got 2 females and 2 males but yes theyre big lol....Honestly i think hes growing to sell it to pay for his house renos. He was laid off all winter and now just working 12hr days due to the feilds being ready but he will be broke again soon. Either way. I want my cake and to eat it to hahaha. Greedy f**ker lol they know we smoke so cant blame them since they dont know we grow but they dont even smoke pot -.-
  4. Heres my ladys mini nugs growing :)

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  5. I would just ask him about it, lol. Hes probably naieve and just doesnt know
  6. Im in country that is not recreationally legal. Were both illegally growing. I feel i gotta say something but how do you start that convo... Hes always working i only see his wife. Im pretty upset anout it my poor babe is covered in fuc*ing seeds man. Alllllll seeds. I took my other one into my tent this morning after a good spray down and am hoping to re veg her since shes not flowering fully yet. Could she have veen effected already even tho there are no pitols yet . ... and willme bringing her into my tent polinate them babes too ? Like man i spent 80$ on fem seeds so i had no males and NOW this. Sooo mad and sad.
  7. Well judging from the pic the smaller, darker green plant in the left is definitely a female plant. The very large plants in front have pot shapped leaves and I would say are big wads of flowers. I'd say yes they are males. I never grew a male all the way out but I hear they grow taller and flower before females. I also see some darkened pistils on your plants. You might already be pollinated.

    If they are pollinated you can pull them once they swell before seed production. Or just have bud with seeds in it. This is just speculation if they are males.
  8. Oh yeah she is def polinated. Gotta stay optomisic tho ill atleast get some free seeds. Ill snap a pic 2morrow of how badly the calyxs have swelled already.
  9. Maybe he's growing and doesn't care about getting high maybe he's making hemp string for some clothes and a hat or some shit like that.
  10. Just to update on this thread. I got over 1000 seeds from this fuck up. Every seed I’ve sprouted has taken off better then any other seeds I’ve ever sprouted. Currently growing out my first female from it.( check out my post ) Vigourous and fast growing. Whatever his strain was - it was the perfect mix for my candy kush
  11. Should ask him what strain where his males?

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  12. Now watch them grow about a foot tall and flower.
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  13. @Greenz4momma91, have you spoken with your neighbor?
    Judging by the size of your plants, I'd say he owes you about 4 ounces of good bud.

    You've got to keep us posted on this.
    Very curious.
  14. Shit just talk to him about it! See what they are doing? Offer help if they have no clue! Also explain he is going to polinate everyone lol

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