so my neighbours growing males -.-

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  1. I live in a quiet little neighbourhood. Ive been here around 8 years and our neighbours have been here a few years , we chat occasionally theyre good people. Not that it matters but they are mennonite and seemed super straight edge ..we live Right around the block from the police station too. Well a few weeks ago i noticed that for the first time hes growing plants. Theyre huge i wasnt being nosey but i have a tramopline in my backyard so i tower over the fences jumping on that thing lol im convinced he has 2 males and 2 females likely for the purpose of producing some seeds but the thing is i have a few beautys outside nice and small...just for personal smoke myself. Now , my husband and brother are both certain they are males but i just dont want to believe it. Ugh what the heck would you do ? I want to save my babies lol i dont want seedy bud. Would it be super creepy of me to snap and pic of his "males" and post here for a definite answer? Haha
    Also, i have my other babies in my shed in a tent... About 20ft from his "males" theyre not safe either are they :(
  2. I would either move your females if possible to a separate location. Or grab a water gun and shoot them with weed killer in the middle of the night.
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  3. Throw a cheap paperback book on how to grow Cannabis over his fence where he will find it in the morning.
    Highlight the sections on where male plants can ruin other peoples grows.
    He should get the hint
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  4. This is a constant concern with my grow too. The other day for the first time ever I heard my neighbors smoking weed and talking about wanting to grow. Pretty sure they looked over the fence and saw my babies lol apart from the intense smell. Guessing their pad smells 24/7. After I harvest and finish with this grow I'm planning on "making contact", lmao. I'm gonna see if they really are trying to grow and if they say yes, then I'm gonna make clones for them that way I'll know what they're growing and confirm sex. I'll prob offer help here n there but will be secretly looking for nanners to be double sure.
  5. Fuck that gave me a good laugh LOL. I wish. And talking to him is kinda out of the question because im just so paranoid and as of now he doesnt even know i have any in my yard. My one lady is already about 2 weeks into full on budding and my other is about 1 week into starting flower, still stretching. Then i have another right by our shared fence in the ground which isnt a definate female anyways but my two in my tent are. My shed pretty air tight or should i say lightproofed lol so maybe no pollen will get those lovely gals. Heres pics of my two in pots outdoors , and one of my tent plants. ( dont mind the light haha) 20170830_151255.jpg 20170830_151255.jpg 20170825_105647.jpg
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  6. You can also mist your plants as insurance. Water sterilizes the pollen. Prob won't stop it but should reduce it. If you're growing in an airtight shed then just make sure you have filters on the inducer fan
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  7. Lmao, imagine you do end up using the water gun only to burn yourself when your neighbor sees a trailing line of dead grass from the plants to your fence. Starts a war and then does the same to you but on week 7 of flower lol
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  8. I went full creeper here lol def males?

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  9. Yeah dead giveaway lol i was thinking write a note ona paper air plane and get it in his buckets lol " hey nice plants but your corrupting my crop.... Why the males? Signed, a concerned stoner neighbour"
  10. I'm sorry to tell you but if they are males, this far along, the pollen sacks are already open and shooting weed semen all over your weed vagina already.
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  11. What do u think of the pic of them i posted above ( the males)
  12. You can see behind the males to the left he has a beautiful female lol
  13. He either has a breeding project going on or doesn't know what he's doing at all. Although if he's breeding, I wouldn't know why he has two separate males, one is enough to pollinate a whole garden and yours. I'd have a talk with him, Not in a mean way, maybe you could score some seeds for ruining your shit. You want good mutual respect between neighbors or things can turn bad fast.
  14. I was just talking to his wife , but both our kids were present so i didnt bring it up. She said hes working 12 hour days so doubtful ill be able to catch him. Man this is a bummer im leaning towards he dontknow what hes doing lol
  15. Is she Hot
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  16. Better be careful sneaking around his yard if she is.
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  17. Lol welllll. Im a woman.
    Dont swing that way hahaha.
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  18. LOL
    Well I never judge people by their sex
    He may watch I dont know LOL
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  19. Now I have to ask
    As a woman would you say she was attractive?
    Adds to the story LOL
  20. Honestly yeah , for a mennonite. Best looking one ive seen lol
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