so my mom...

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  1. found out i smoke weed, idc...if she knows lmao ima still smoke it shittttt
  2. How did she find out?
  3. [ame][/ame]
  4. Interesting.
  5. Funny, my parents are dead.
  6. It shitttttttt?
  7. Damn dude, your fucking hardcore
    Fuck the man!
  8. Yeah man, fight the power.
  9. Row row fight da powa
  10. Like a boss.
  11. See? That's how you take care of a mother fucker. I bet you lit up and blew smoke in her face right?

    Ya'know what I'm sayin'?

  12. oh, Steezy! what will you get into next?
  13. I bet you feel like a man now =)
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    this would be great
  15. haha idk i thought she was asleep so i packed a bowl in my room, right as i left she was there at the door while im holding my pipe and the lighter smh...i was lil bit tipsy last night haha
  16. puff puff pass. keep mom in roto
  17. from now on i'll have more eye drops than lighters cause ill be lowkey high when im eating with them lmaoooo

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