So my mom doesnt have a tumor....

Discussion in 'General' started by sk8njam, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. Its good news, but this is a quote from her... "I really believe with all my heart that everyones prayers made it go away"


    ........... ya mom...sure, its the prayers that did it
  2. Was it just a headache?
  3. your mom doesnt have a tumor and you are bitching about her talking about prayer.
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    Praying = How to do nothing but think your still helping.

    In the least disrespectful way possible, your mom's an idiot.

    0 tolerance for disrespect, Her opinion is hers..
    And who the fuck are you to judge..
  5. [quote name='"Buzzwell420"']your mom doesnt have a tumor and you are bitching about her talking about prayer.[/quote]

    This what the fuck is wrong with you op ?

  6. That's a pretty negative way of looking at it. It's more a way of deeply afraid (and a tad illogical) people maintaining their hope in the future. Sure it's a bit silly but if it makes them happy, more power to them.

    Also, the bolded 'disclaimer' doesn't make it any less disrespectful. She just came out of a traumatic experience, it's hardly idiotic of her to hold a few illogical ideas.

  7. yeah cause you are sooo smart:cool:
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    If you think praying is a logical way to make a tumor go away yes I would say you're an idiot. :cool:

    Once again... This is an adult forum.
    If you cant have a converstaion without childish name calling please dont post
  9. No...

  10. Not sure if this is sarcasm or a really dumb statement.
  11. wow some ignorant fucks in here...but i believe my opening statement was "Its good news" sooooo wheres all this dumbfuck troll hostility coming from???
  12. the point of this thread isnt the tumor, its the fact that my moms so brainwashed by her FAITH when the reality is that she never had anything to begin with...its just a cyst....god didnt turn her tumor into a cyst because people prayed....theres no tumor because it was never one in the first place

  13. i dont believe in god/praying/any of that either, but there is no reason to call the guy's mom an idiot because she does. she just believes something you don't.
  14. Oh, I'm sorry I just completely blew past the fact that your mom no longer has a tumor, tell her congrats on the good news from the people of grasscity.

  15. no offense taken ,ive known this for awhile man, shes so blind and its always awkward cuz she knows i dont follow her man made religion but she always says things to me like "say your prayers" and "thank god for everything you have" and shit like that
  16. Nah, you're trollin'

    or Bill O'reilly.
  17. [quote name='"Jack McClellan"']That doesn't mean God doesn't exist.

    Everything has a cause and effect. The universe was caused, there was a reason. There is intelligence behind everything.[/quote]

    Dude, this isn't a thread about whether or not god exists, stop trying to make it one.

  18. i never said god doesnt exist, but i dont believe its the same character everyone grew up to believe in....fuck the bible, fuck all religion...its just a man made source of control.....but that doesnt mean im too ignorant to believe that we werent created by something/someone(s)
  19. tell me why you have faith in something that wasnt part of humanity until it was literally SPREAD and FORCED like a virus upon cultures across the globe?
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