So my manager and I rented this 160 year old place to jam.

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    It's in the middle of nowhere. I'm calling it "Area 52".

    It's cool as fuck. There are like 5 abandoned buildings and they're trying to rent them out for storage. The building I'm in is almost 160 years old.

    So to make a long story short, we're paying $325 a month for this room that's huge. It's away from everything and we can be as loud as we want. Right now it's 12:31am and I have Tool blasting through our P.A. :)

    There's still really old wood on the walls that's almost 160 years old and plaster falling off the ceiling, but we got so much nice thick carpet that I had to rip up for my landlord. He's a dick, but I got to keep all of that nice carpet. We're gonna put it on the walls, ceiling and floor of course. And my manager/drummer used to work in construction, so he knows what he's doing.

    Good shit, it feels good to get away from everything. Perhaps I'll post some pictures of the place as is progresses,.

    In the meantime, I have my iPad tethered to my smartphone so I can hit the Internet. And I'm typing on a century-old desk that's completely badass.

    Area 52 is my new home away from home. :)

    Thanks for listening. :smoke:
  2. That sounds chill...I would be a bit creeped out though just because of how far from everything it is.
  3. Maybe it's haunted. :eek:

  4. How big is it?
  5. Pics or it's not happening.
  6. yeah i wanna see some pics
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    It's like 18' by 30' - if not a little bigger. At least our partition once we build the wall. The building itself is two floors and our partition is like 1/3 of the upstairs. The bottom is being used for general storage (just rinky dink shit).

    Then there is a huge barn, a shed, and another barn. The only place anything is going on is in our jam quarters.

    But I LOVE the fact that it's old and reminds me of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

    I'll see about pics and/or video on my phone right now...
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    Here you go.

    [ame=]Our jam spot. - YouTube[/ame]

    Since this video was shot, we've put the carpet padding on the walls and some carpet on the ceiling. And we got the PA system. Now we just need to carpet those walls, get the drumset, and clean that bitch. We're gonna get a couch, a little fridge for beer and shit, and I'm going to eventually migrate my computer over there so we can record.

    The acoustics are great! That 130 year-old wood (I think it's cedar) resonates nicely. - Even though it's going to be carpeted...

    Great place, though. Ya dig so far? Lots of work needs to be done but it's going to be NICE and comfy.

    That carpeting is white plush carpeting from a nice townhouse. Living room, 2 bedrooms, and a basement's full of quality carpet.
  9. looks pretty cool. definitely a good place to kill someone lol
  10. Haha, yeah.....

    Wanna come jam? :devious:
  11. Party? Party? Party?:smoke: HOTBOX PARTY !:hello:
  12. Grow spot!
  13. If I had that place I'd have it fenced and tricked with cameras and sensors... and a pump shotty ready to go. the middle of no where thing creeps me out.
  14. Hell yea man! Looks legit, i bet the acoustics in there are tight as hell. That was always our problem in high school, we always jammed in my buddies basement. Acoustics sucked haha.
  15. Yeah, it's great because I could never do this when I was a teenager. I'm almost 33 now. This is long overdue. I've never even really been in a band. They've always fallen apart when we DID have a jam spot, but other than that nothing ever materialized.

    That's why I took up recording as a hobby. I ended up learning all of the instruments to play rock. Now I can use that recording ability and put it to use once we're set up.

    Exciting shit. And my drummer is good. We just need a bass player. I'm going to take up guitar and vocals and try to cover Tool. I think I can sing and play "Vicarious", so we'll try with that or "Stinkfist" to start and then develop our style.

    We're gonna sound good!
  16. dude, you're all gna die. definitely some scary movie shit.

    I saw a movie like this; guy bought his gf a house in the middle of bumble fuck; at the end o fthe movie, some creepy ass dude killed everyone. . . .she got everything in her house appraised & it was well worth over a million. . .but yeah, she died.

    i may be a scardy cat, but yeah. fuck thatttttttt. (depending on your location)

    but at the end of the day


    be safe!
  17. ahaha you asked for pics and he came with VID lol booyakasha

    Looks pretty fucking sweet I would definitely come up and chill/smoke I don't play an instrument but it would be dope.
  18. Aw! Invite some chicks over to that place, show 'em your chainsaw!
  19. Oh man, thats legit! not a bad place. I like the whole eerie
    feeling and look going on. Also congrats on the new jam spot!~
  20. Why'd you put carpeting on the walls and shit?

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