So my long anticipated trip to california is finally here!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BongTron, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Been waiting for this trip all summer baby!
    My homie already have a QP waiting for us, that's for the first weekend. I'm also buying a QP. Friend has a connect down there for medical grade for 60$ an ounce.
    Anyways, half pound for first weekend, which I honestly think will be impossible to burn up, but we're sure as fuck going to try!

    After that, spending a week with my other friend and some friends partying and smoking from monday threw thursday, he's got 2 ounce of some Royal Purple waiting, and whatever else I got left as well to match.

    Then Friday going to a massive party with all my old friends, that I went to middle school with, and going to smoke mad weed/get hella fadeddd

    Then saturday and sunday I'm going deep sea fishing with my old man, and getting blazed :hello:

    That's my trip in a basket.

    Pictures to come when I get back.

    Flying out tomorrow, at 1 o'clock.
  2. half two days?

    between how many people?

    That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard...

  3. friday, saturday, sunday. 3 days,
    between 3 people. At 60$ an ounce, why the fuck not? +whatever is left will go through the week too.:cool:

    A lot of weed = most retarded thing in the world?

    No, it's what I'm /going/ to be, here shortly.:smoke:
  4. Go to venice beach its south of santa monica and malibu. Its the chillest place ever. Weed practiacally falls into your lap. hit up the amazing head shops there. Smoke n' heaven is the best one. all custom local venice art

  5. possibility
  6. $60 an ounce isn't going to be getting you medical bud here in Cali lol. Guarantee you it will be schwag. No one gets those kind of deals around here unless you grow it. Have fun though, Cali is an amazing place
  7. its retarded because once your high plateaus youre just wasting herb that could smoke out another fellow stoner. you can only get so high, then its just a waste.

  8. Thats what i was gonna say. No ounces of dank for 60. No way, if it was that way i would be high as shit all day everyday.
  9. Clubs don't even get that good of prices ... unless you mean an 8th.
  10. Fixed.:p
  11. lol ya no way in hell your getting medical grade for 60 a oz.... maybe medical grade dirt haha if your talkin about some real medical dank, all the collectives i go to here are at least 360-400 a oz of some dank they do have deals at like 250 a oz but its proly some out door bullshit that looks gross... as for qp's your gonna be paying over 1000$ unless your talkin about that mexican dirt they call weed... i think your buddys might be fucking with you....they got there prices all screwed up.... what part of cali you comming to?

    good luck on the trip out dude!!! i wann go deep sea fishing with you dude! hahaha yellow tail and dorados are poppin off right now out of san diego!!!
  12. i assure you i have no use for his mid grade cali weed, im set for quite a while.
  13. COOL!:confused_2:

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