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So my little sister wants to get high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KingJesus, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Well, it seems my 14 year old sister has gathered the courage to ask me about the herb after I found out and confronted her about drinking alcohol(an EXTREMELY bad call in my opinion). She said she has taken one hit off of a bowl before, but felt nothing. I'm guessing she was smoking some shitty reggie with her little sketchy boyfriend. I told her she doesn't need to be smoking shit quality weed anyways, it will only give her a headache. So after I told her this she asks me if I would smoke with her. I didn't give her a 100% answer but I told her I would think about it. I know my parents would disown me if they found out I was smoking with her, but I want her to be able to know what smoking weed is really like(headies out of my ROOR followed by a good movie and some munchies).

    What do you guys think? I feel like it would be a better/safer deicision than for her to experience it in my apartment with someone she knows and can trust(rather than with some retarded 16 year olds in a car). I initially told her she doesn't need to be smoking weed until she's at least 16(which is when I started) but I dunno. I would like some opinions. What do you guys think? Would it improve our relationship or should I wait until she's a bit more mature even if she smokes anyways?(I was a shitty brother through high school and never was involved in her life but over the past year I have realized family is more important than anything).

    Thanks for the advice. :wave:
  2. in my opinion dont start with a bong. some of my friends who started on bongs have bad highs due to the first time they smoked out of a bong(says them). but from personal experience, out of a one hitter or joint was the best thing ever. you could taste it and really let it hit you. from the age part, i would say 16 also but if she thinks she is old enough to start experimenting then let her but i would give her the big brother talk about weed only no hard shit etc. and i would add in she has to smoke with you at least once a month where she throws in haha. but in the end it is all up to you man. you know her better than any of us.
  3. its up to you man.. i mean i wish i did when my sister asked me because i came home and found her and one of her friends hanging out her window smoking some crap out of tissue paper... so i mean if you think she can handle it then do it but start with a bowl or something smaller. i know a lot of people get sick of first blunt too... i've seen people puke for hours... along with bongs etc.

    edit: the tissue paper gave my sister such a bad high... sure it had tto do with the crap weed... but yeah she wont ever touch the stuff again.
  4. tell her to wait 2 more years or something. i wouldnt want someonet that young in my family to do drugs/drink.
  5. Id say do it with her once now. Just so she knows and has 1st hand experience. Educate her on it. If later on she says she wants to do it again go ahead and do it. But I think you should make it clear that she can only do it once in a long while until she is older.
  6. smoke her out man, if she doesn't do it with you shes gonna still blaze eventually, it's better that she blazes with u, someone she can trust in a safe environment, then out on the street and shit, last year i smoked my sister out when she was 14, i had some humbolt purple kush but she didn't want to smoke it because she thought she would get too high, i took her to my room and she took some bong hits of sum good stress i had, she looked really high lol but she said she didn't feel anything
  7. Also if you do smoke with her make sure your clear that she cant tell anyone about it. Young teens, especially girls, like to talk a lot. So make sure you say that she cant talk to anyone about it because you could get into a lot of trouble.
  8. yeah dont let her talk..

    and why would you spread bullshit about mids? they dont give you headaches..
  9. I started smoking weed when I was 14, and I can assure you that I turned out alright.
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    Shit, thats a difficult decision. If you do smoke her out with some dank she might ask for more, and possibly tell mcsketch who will definitely want some. But on the other hand you don't want her to get ripped off or hang out with the wrong crew and get busted or worse, taken advantage of. I say a joint or something of some dank, only with her utmost discretion.
  11. You should definitely take the opportunity to educate your sister about marijuana. I personally don't think kids that young should be into any sort of substance, but what do I know? I certainly wasn't friends with anyone who smoked weed a lot. Or if they did, they didn't tell me about it. If she is being introduced to substances, you should advise her to get some better friends. But enough of me preaching.

    You are her brother. Get her stoned.
  12. Also its hard to give advice on this because we dont really know your relationship with your sister. But if she is comfortable enough with you to talk about weed then I think you should do it.
  13. I started at 13 and all I gotta say is if she's down to blaze either she's gonna do it with you or like you said some retarded ass teen. If she wants to, do it.
  14. Depends on if you sister is the kind of girl that would rat you out to save her own ass. Just think about times in the past. Personally i dont think you should do it until she is older just b/c she might get caught and then snitch on you to your parents. Disowned and cut off from the sister that your now getting cool with?!

    i just wouldnt do it. Hate to be the killjoy in here, but thats my opinion.

    **for the record the first time i got caught is because my 15 yr old sister ratted on me for smoking after she got caught.
  15. honestly i say go for it. It is much better to make sure they have some good ganj in the first place, PLUS you're there to supervise, so its almost like you're responsible ;)
    In case they sketch out or anything you'll be there to look after them... that in if its a bad case. It could just turn into you getting annoyed by their constant giggles and then it turns into a battle of trying to shut them up. But ultimately it's your call, but would you be safer knowing she did it at home with you, or out behind a mini mart with some sketchy friends? think about it...

    But on other hands, i think you're lucky! My little brother is 13 and that was probably the age i did it for the first time (mind you i didnt start doing it regularily until i was about 16) and every time i offer it to him he says nope and refuses to do it, it's kind of depressing because those nights where my dad isnt home could be much more enjoyable. Nothing much would be different, he normally just sits on the couch eating chips or something... which would happen if he came outside with me anyways lol. But still i also kind of wanted him to try it for the first time with me before i go off to college... oh well i've still got another 7 months to try to work him in =\
  16. Same here... my first time was unforgettable... :smoking:
  17. if she really wants to than you kinda have to, because shes going to no matter what so its better for you to control the situation.

    just don't start smoking with her all the time. explain to her that it is very illegal and is something you do in a safe enviroment (not in a car w/ her bf).

    idk man. that is a hard one. ... hey if you do smoke with her let us know how it goes.

    my lil brother always picked on me, would call me a stoner and stuff, always said he would never try it. now hes 19, in college, and is asking me about it. He did ask me about it before, but i said to wait to college, now that hes there, i kinda want him to wait a little longer and make sure he graduates first.
    ...idk... hes disabled. he could just collect a check from the government, but he doesn't want that, he wants to make his own money. I always worried if he started smoking too young he would get lazy and just collect his checks, so thats one of my reasons for saying no. I know its not up to me to decide for him, so i feel guilty for saying no. The next time he brings it up i think i'm going to let him... idk.

    so i feel ya bro, its a hard decision to make. ya want to be there for them, but at the same time you want to stay out of it and let them learn on their own.
  18. my little sister tol dme she wanted to smoke when she was 14 but i said no she was too young but last year in october a little after her 15 birthday sh told me again and i realized if i didnt smoke with her she was going to go smoke with her git friends and her "boyfriend". And i rather have her smoke with me first than some stupid ass little kids. I dont know about your sister but my sister is very mature and she knew exactly what she was getting into. I rolled a blunt for her and i and we smoked it and she said she only smoked once after that, she just really not that into it. But i know when she gets older shes bound to be i said the same thing when i was 15.
  19. Yeah, I'm really torn. I dont think she would be the kind of person to rat me out about it just because she knows how seriously my parents would take it. I think I'm going to just tell her whenever she wants to do it to just ask me and we can set something up. I suppose at that point I'll have to give her the full "smoker's responsiblity" talk. I just dont want her to get a bad view of the herb by smoking in some shitty weed with some sketchball that could get her in trouble. Thanks for the advice peoples!
  20. I started smoking when I was 12, and I turned out fine too. But knowing what I know now, I think 14 is too young. However, if she's going to do it anyway, it's probably better that she do it with someone who cares about her. Personally, I'd try to talk her into waiting.

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