So, My house got searched!

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  1. I woke up today and chilled at my house for a while.. then I went over to a "known drug dealer's" to pick up a sack. I got it and we smoked a few bowls then I went home and smoked the rest except for this little nug. I wrapped the nug up in a bag for tomorrow. I had it in my pocked and then I hear a loud knocking on my front door... I go to see who it is and it's the cops. I threw the little nug in a dresser thing thats by the door. The cop comes in and asks to speak to my dad so I let them in. My dad comes to the door and asks if it's okay if he searches the house, so my dad said yes. They went upstairs and searched for what was about an hour. The cop that they had wait downstairs with me was a total dick. He starts asking me about hanging out with drug dealers and they have heard my name come up several times.. I was just like "woah, I don't really have to tell you anythin" And he said "Well, if you're going to be an ass then so am I" I was like.. okay? Then that cop goes upstairs to check things out, too. Right when he got up there I looked at my dad and said "Sorry." then reached in the droor and got my weed. He looked at me then I take of running out of the house. I threw it in my neighbors bushes and ran back. I come back in to the house and the two cops are just standing there talking to my dad. They start telling me some bull i didn't want to hear. Then the cops ask if I want to take a UA to prove I don't smoke. I told him he has no reason to give me a UA and I refused to take it. They left after about 5 minutes and now I'm here.. still kinda high.. drinking a cola and listeing to Zeppelin.
  2. Well, did you go look through the bushes yet?
  3. Wow, good job on knowing your rights and not letting them take advange of you. Did your dad get pissed?
  4. so you grabbed your nug and bolted out the house? and the cops didnt notice?
  5. damn dude, that sucks, that kinda shit is my worst nightmare, but at least you hid the nug
  6. The one that was watching me joined the other cop upstairs.

    But nah, I'm not going to bother looking around for it.. I'll just buy a new one..
  7. damn dude but sounds like your dads pretty cool, he shouldnt have let them search the house though lest he wants to catch a charge from your drugs in his house, now that would suck.
  8. You should have said that they can't come in without a warrant and that would have been it.
  9. lolll. thats whatsup bro. zeppelin is epic while high.
  10. well thats good you didn't get in trouble

    but now you have to watch your ass. oh and let your dealer know hes being watched. straight up tell him what happened.
  11. Guess that's a good reason to never take a straight path when driving home after making a pickup.
  12. Run a serpentine pattern!!!!!!!
  13. He knows he being watched.. He has know it for a while, too.. But yeah, I'm gonna try not to be seen going in and out of there anymore. BTW When I was talking to the cop who was waiting with me he tried getting information out of me. It was so funny. He was like "I know everything thats going on in that house, so why don't you just admit to it?" I just said "Well if you know so much then why are you asking?" .. Fucking hate cops, man.
  14. Stoner who wastes a perfectly good nug?

  15. first off i would like to say: FUCK THE POLICE!!!!!!! ok now that thats out of my system. Good job man you played that off perfectly. The only thing that went wrong was your dad actually allowing them to search, you should have opened the door...seen cops...and before they had a chance to speak, tell them they cant come in. Either way it worked out in the end, good story
  16. woooooo u got away with it, props man. if the pigs got ur name i suggest stayin low key for a while till shit cools down.
  17. he wouldnt of gotten a charge if its in the kids room the kid is charged, ive heard of parents putting weed on their kids dresser and calling the cops to get them charged to teach them a lesson
  18. my friends dad did this, he found weed on my friend and held onto it for several months, once my friend screwed up once and the cops stopped by he pulled out the bag and said he just found it on him, at that point he was arrested and searched, man i hate cops sometimes

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