So My Grandma asked me if I smoke pot...

Discussion in 'General' started by GeorgeW Kush, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. She found little burnt pieces of paper on the floor. I told her, it was something from school. I was freaking the fuck out though because it came out of blue air.

    This was the first time, I was asked that question by an authority figure. I guess, we have all been there though....
  2. Your right, we have all been there LOL
  3. She knows and will continue to test the water. Just be more careful.

    Also make sure you hide your shit well. I used to hide a few grams behind the wall sockets in my room. Remove the two screws on the cover and look inside. There is plenty of room for an eighth usually.
  4. This :D
  5. Your grandma.. Authority figure? HA
  6. id ask her if she smokes crack
  7. She could bring it up to my mom.....
  8. Be careful with the wall sockets if u touch the sides u will get a nice lil shock ...just be careful
  9. [quote name='"GeorgeW Kush"']

    She could bring it up to my mom.....[/quote]

    That's when she "accidentally" falls down the stairs :devious:
  10. Maybe she was just running out


  11. :eek:
  12. my mom asked me if I smoked weed when I was 19, I told her yeah and she flipped...but now she doesn't care cause she found out the government was lying to her all of those years!
  13. :smoke:
  14. My grandma knows I smoke pot, and if she weren't such an old school Catholic Polish woman, bless her soul, I would have smoked it up with her just to say I did. :smoking:
  15. Hahahaha :smoke:

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